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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Romance / Historical / Regency
  • Language:English
  • Pages:188
  • eBook ISBN:9781667838496
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667838489

Grover Hall

by Elaine Brown

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Young girl, Emily, is sent by her now deceased mother to Grover Hall and her father, Henry Ashton, Earl of Grover. She finds Grover Hall in disrepair and abandoned except for the ill caretaker, Henderson. She learns that the Earl is carousing on the Continent and has neglected his responsibilities to the Hall and villagers for the past twelve years. She helps Henderson to recover and to improve their living circumstances. Emilies greatest fear is that she will be turned out with nothing. Henry's return is fraught with painful alcohol withdrawal and a desire to continue to reject responsibilities for the Hall and Emily. Emily must fight her disrespect for her father's condition as she works to win the ability to remain at the Hall. Their lives are complicated by the emergence of Lady Georgina, a previous acquaintance of Henrey and his parents. She throws herself at Henry with malicious intent. Among the many persons Henry hires to bring the hall back to its previous grandeur is Grace Applegate, governess for Emily. Lady Georgina is determined to rid herself of the presence of Emily once she marries the earl. Her attempts to gain Henry's attention are hampered by his increasing interest in Grace. Emily and Grace suffer near fatal malevolent accidents. Slowly, Emily, Henry and Grace work to overcome their fears and doubts.
Thirteen-year-old Emily is sent by her now deceased mother, Sophia, to her father, The Earl of Grover, at Grover Hall. She finds Grover Hall in disrepair with only an ill and old caretaker there and her father not in residence. She knows nothing about his present circumstances only that she is his bastard child. Her worst fear is that she will be turned out onto the streets. Henry Ashton, Earl of Grover, is now cavorting on the Continent trying to drown his pain at what he considers a betrayal by his love, Sophia, and death of his parents by sinking himself into as much alcohol and women as possible. He had left Grover Hall over thirteen years ago leaving Grover Hall to neglect. Lady Georgina Langston, furious at having been ignored by Henry, still harbors wrathful feelings toward him and is determined to seduce him and then enact her revenge. Grace Applegate, hired by Henry to be Emily's governess, develops romantic feelings for Henry, but knows her station is to far below his to allow herself the manifestation of her emotions. A series of supposed accidents plague and injure Grace and Emily. Each of them work to untangle their fears and desires.
About the author
Elaine Brown lives in the high desert of Southern California with her two small dogs who supervise her work. She likes to read Regency and romance novels and has enjoyed the challenge of writing a Regency novel and a variety of topics of short stories. She is a graduate of Long Ridge Writers Group and Institute For Writers.