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  • SubGenre:Unexplained Phenomena
  • Language:English
  • Pages:300
  • eBook ISBN:9781098397173

From Ashes to Afterlife

A Skeptic's Journey

by R.J. Kaufman

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The book is part memoir, part journal, and all about a series of very unusual events that have happened to me over the past few decades. Examining these events takes me a chronological journey that leads me to a highly regarded medium who enables me to communicate with my deceased parents and trace their presence, in-spirit, at my son's wedding. Much of this evidence is photo visible (e.g., spirit orbs) and I use it to make a case for the existence of an afterlife.
The book is part memoir, part journal, and all about a series of very unusual events that have happened to me over the past few decades. These events range from a spiritual warning that a tree was about to fall on me and my companions if we stayed too long (we didn't and the tree broke a part two or three minutes later), to a shared nightmare with a brother who was 3000 miles away, to a nighttime visit from my deceased father who talked to me telepathically, to a visit from a ghostly apparition. Taken together, these and other events pointed me towards changing my belief system from religious agnosticism to believer in spirituality that encompasses a belief in God as a Creator, the afterlife as a continuation of soul life following death of the physical body, and Heaven as an amazing and wondrous home to those of us living in-spirit. My journey led me to a medium (Rebecca Rosen) who enabled me to communicate with my deceased loved ones and friends, and set the stage for me to discover evidence that my in-spirit family attended my son's wedding leaving a trail of photographic images of them as spirit orbs and other spirit entities such as butterflies. This investigation is presented as making a case for the afterlife since their intended attendance had been announced by my parents months earlier in a medium session. My journey takes me to the Gates of Heaven which I won't enter until my physical death occurs. From this point on in the book I rely on the experiences of spirits who describe what the afterlife is like and what things will be like for everyone once more is known about the afterlife. Quantum physics comes closest to explaining the laws of Heaven. The book ends with playing a "what if" game and taking an "eye-roll test" to see if the beliefs of old and new believers are firm enough to enable them to sit through an interview of Jesus Christ without rolling their eyes, etc. If they pass that test, they can sit through an interview with God and see how that goes. The book contains numerous color photos to spotlight spirit orbs and other bits of evidence that are consistent with there being an afterlife. There are also many Internet links that can take the reader to relevant sites that have been discussed in the book.
About the author
R.J. Kaufman grew up in Southern California, but has transformed himself into a New Englander. He lives in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire in a converted mill (c.a. 1850). Graduate work in social policy and social work brought him east. As a young child, prior to California, he lived in Ohio and upstate New York and fell in love with the changing four seasons, particularly spring and autumn. His take on California is that there are only two main seasons that are named "the very warm one" and "the hot one." Despite the somewhat monotonous weather, R.J. still visits family "out west" and recently welcomed twin granddaughters into his heart. His interest in spiritual matters and the afterlife has been developing and evolving for years now. He hopes his book will serve to waken people to the complex spiritual world we share with those living incarnate and those living in-spirit. We're all here together and coming advances in soul communication, across the heavenly veil, should make death less scary and life much richer.