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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Psychological
  • Language:English
  • Pages:184
  • Hardcover ISBN:9781735182001

Final Chaos

by Mark Goode View author's profile page

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In a world reeling from the calamitous world water wars, Mark Goode takes us on a thought experiment and adventure into suicide. Savant scientist and Chaos Master Angela Starr unravels the underpinnings of a world caught by its tightening noose. From within a comatose state and under attack for the alleged "apoptocide" of a generation of soldiers, the visionary Angela explores the relationships of biology, apoptosis, chaos, and neuroscience to the first ever described behavioral toxin. Defending herself from a world looking for a scapegoat, Angela's discoveries are seminal, as her husband Jack emerges a hero from the World Water Wars. Her son Carl the first ever psychologist general of the country, and her grandson Nick, CEO of change the world
In a world ravaged by climate change, where the global population has been driven underground and all life on the surface teeters on the brink of disastrous collapse, Jack Jennings joins the Aquaterrians to fight the government faction for control of the world's most precious resource: water. As the World Water Wars rage across the country and water and food resources dwindle, in Colorado savant scientist Angela Starr dedicates her lab and considerable brain power to researching crop plant physiology for insight on how organisms survive extremely adverse conditions in hopes of discovering disaster-resistant food crops. But then, suddenly, soldiers from both sides of the war turn their weapons on themselves and commit suicide. No one saw it coming. On the battlefield, caught in the tightening noose of rampant self-destruction, Jack Jennings frantically seeks a way to prevent more self-harm while the world demands answers. Who or what is to blame for causing this mass suicide event, what is being called apoptocide? Amazingly, Angela Starr is accused. Can she find the link between her scientific investigations and the mass casualties on the battlefield—before the world condemns her for crimes against humanity? Author Mark Goode takes us deep in an intriguing thought experiment that quests for answers about the real world's suicide pandemic. This journey inward explores the relationships between biology, apoptosis, chaos, and neuroscience and describes the first-ever behavioral toxin. We come to understand how it attacks us from the inside and out. But is there a remedy?
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A fun read! This book was a fun, short, and compelling read. It is clear Mark Goode has researched a bit of chaos theory himself and implemented the learnings in this book. It is a nice mix of science fiction, with underlying tones of social and mental health issues. You wont regret spending time on this easy to read and enjoyable book! Read more
Timely Read - Final Chaos The author uses a delicate skill to hit the target on one of the most important topics of our day, the Issue of Suicide. Many pathways can be taken to approach this subject but this book is masterful in bringing the point across. I highly recommend this book be read by both Professionals and others working diligently to understand, reduce and eliminate the chaos that so often characterizes those suffering from attraction to this painful reality! Read this book, you will be glad that you did! Read more
Final Chaos Final Chaos isn’t a tale about Goode vs. Evil, but a journey through cellular biology, neurobiology, aging research and military environmentalism as seen through the lens of chaos theory. But the story line and its surprising ending are actually decoys. You’re really being led along an introspective journey into how your own chaotic psychological life processes might resolve themselves–or not. A psychological reset is the futuristic goal of survivors of the World Water Wars whereby chaotic brain states can be identified and rectified before any damage is done. In chaos theory this intervention would be at the level of the “flapping of the butterfly’s wings” rather than at the level of a downstream “tornado”. With this perspective shift, the author invites you to take a hard look at the metaphor of cellular apoptosis, i.e., programmed cell death, that’s raised up to the level of the human psyche. It then becomes the question of apoptocide, i.e., programmed suicide. But Goode doesn’t leave you hanging with just the question that you too are susceptible to the chaotic forces of life, but he leaves you with viable strategies to offset your vulnerabilities. Read this book–it could save your life or that of a loved one! Read more
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