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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Comparative Religion
  • Language:English
  • Pages:429
  • eBook ISBN:9780646586434

Ending the Religious Lies

by Mitch Edwards and Karen Ryan

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This book covers subjects from Revelations, to DNA, to Hindu and Christianity, and more. The subjects are quite extensive. The book sets out to show Christ would have had influences from areas around him. It does not mention books like, “The Unknown Life of Jesus by N. Notovitch 1916.” It uses sound scriptural passages from the Simrad Bhagavatam, the Bhagavad-gita, the Bible, and compares their similarities. There is a connection between these two. You say; ‘what about the 330 million or whatever gods they have?’ I tell you there are many levels of thought in India and these are within the much yoga’s. Krsna (God supreme) consciousness is much high than following the vedas. After all, which Gods got enlightened in the Hindu pantheon 5000 years ago, by Krsna. I will let you read that in the book. In the end there is a connection between these two.
The creation force in the universe existed long before the names Hindu, Christian and Jew were used. At some point, personal liberation will be outside the boundaries of conformity. This book sets out to explain Christ’s mystical influences, and then a direct comparison between Hindus’ supreme teaching and Christianity (a comparable relationship exists). It also talks about God, Paul, Atheism, Hades, Krsna, Buddha, Quantum Theory and Christianity, DNA, Chromosomes and God’s relationship with the child, karma, Revelations, and more. This book sets out to unite Man, breaking down the walls of the human ego, which has influenced us since the closing of the Old Testament. It also seeks to continue the conversation by focussing on similarity, not difference, in religion. Many religions want to own the road to Heaven; that’s impossible. This book provides an alternative, and aims to combat the religious dissension that causes wars, hate, and spiritual discord. “There will be those who will be very critical of this book – bring them on. These people won’t want unity. They prefer the status quo e.g. Hindu, Catholic, them and us. Unity and universal love begins with small steps. I hope you see this book doing that”
About the author
My birth name was Brett Dowling. I changed my name to Mitch Edwards when I was 36. I am 48 and was born in New Zealand. I now reside in Australia and have lived here since 1997. I had been with my partner Karen Ryan for some 2 plus decades, until she passed away last year, unfortunately before the book was completed. She was instrumental in opinions advice criticism, listening, and generally making argument’s more sound. I made notes on religious subjects, due to Christians telling me there was no life after death and that we remain in the ground till 144,000 Jews go to heaven and come back and teach us. At this point so I was told, we are supposed to get out of the ground and reform our bodies. I have always believed that heaven is a place for all, and not the select few. For me I am trying these days to focus on positivity thought building. I recognise that good influences in one’s childhood create the attractions in one’s adult years. Personal liberation is beyond conformity (Christ proved that, as did the Hindu Ciatanya). Freedom comes with the knowing that universal love is beyond independence. There will be those who will criticise this book, but all they want is separatism, status quo. They want, them and us, Hindu vs Christian. They don’t want unity and universal love. Universal love and unity begin with small steps. I hope you see this book doing that.