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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:53
  • eBook ISBN:9781609849252


by Yasmin N. Sammarco

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The Ideal life of Elona Kincade is tragically turned upside down when her father is murdered and her older brother JJ is kidnapped. With the help and guidance of family friends Gabe and Hannah Jukuy, Elona is forced to run, change her identity and begin a new ordinary life as Christina Jukuy. Now in college Christina’s new life and identity are threatened when her past slams into her present forcing out a family secret and exposing an underground organization more powerful than our government.
PROLOGUE She can barely breathe, her lungs hurt as she gasps for air, legs burning, feet aching as they hit the pavement at a high speed, racing, running, she doesn’t know how much longer she can keep this up. Heavy footsteps behind fast approaching, they’re getting close, there’s got to be at least four of those bastard’s. Her breathing is too heavy, “I…I… can’t anymore” she says and whirls around reaching into the pouch attached to her waist belt grasping a hand full of silver orbs “Oh no, only four left” she says to herself. She shakes the four orbs twice really hard in her right hand and one by one as each pursuer rounds the corner she hurls an orb at him, as each orb leaves her grasp, spikes protrude all around. The first orb strikes the first pursuer squarely between the eyes, his head starts to swell and he drops on the spot. Less than fifteen seconds later the orb liquefies. The second orb hits the next pursuer in the throat. His throat swells and explodes with a pop sound he falls back clawing at the wounded area, his screams fading to a gurgle. The third orb strikes its target in the left shoulder he stumbles back around the bend into the fourth pursuer. “Ahhh!! Bitch! My shoulder, Get it off! Get it off!” he screams as his shoulder begins swelling at the point of contact. Another pursuer charges forward and whacks the orb off with a pipe it begins to dissolve all three pursuers watch the orb disappear into a watery substance. She checks her surroundings she’s cornered and only has one orb left and two pursuers to take down. No wait there’s three! She hears the third screaming in agony over his wound. With sweat hanging on her brow, she waits. The fifth pokes his head around the corner, ducks immediately and before she could think, she hurls the last orb it misses completely and hits the wall past its target. The realization is slowly setting in that the only way out is back the way she came. She closes her eyes, takes a deep breath and shuts out the chaos. This only takes twenty seconds, she is aware that this will be a physically taxing battle, with each pursuer out weighing her by fifty pounds or more, each highly trained in defensive tactics she may or may not be aware of. She takes this all into consideration and knows what she must do. Backing up against the gate behind her, she squats down with her head hung low and begins to sob. She takes off her mask and tosses it aside, her dark curly locks falling all around just below her shoulders. She than pulls her hair back slowly and sloppily ties it, a few wild curls falling in front of her face. The fifth purser peaks around the corner “Who are you! And what the hell are you doing here!?” he says angrily. He notices her display of submission and summons the other two to come around. All three men come around the corner and approach slowly. “Let me get at her!” the third pursuer says “look what she did to my freakin shoulder” he adds in a whinny voice. “What was that thing?” the fourth asks. “We’re soon going to find out” answers the fifth. “Hey!! Hey Bitch! You got anymore of those exploding balls or whatever the hell those were!!” the fourth calls. “Why are you killing my men?” the fifth asks. The third pursuer trails behind holding his swollen shoulder, the rest of his arm dangling uselessly. She tilts her head slightly to the right revealing one eye and runs her tongue over her top lip, she stands very slowly still sobbing as tears flow down both her left and right cheek. She takes a deep breath and raises her forearms to reveal six inch steel blades protruding from the elbow portion of her black form fitting leather jacket. “What the hell” exclaims the third pursuer “Give it up honey, look at you, you can barely stand feeling sorry for yourself and crying like the little girl you are” the fourth pursuer says chuckling. She sways a little, her expression changing from sorrow to stone coldness, she says in a cool calm tone “The tears I shed are for the father and brother stolen from me and the pity I feel is not for myself…, it’s for you” Just then she charges straight ahead, the three men stand surprised and unprepared, she flips forward into a cartwheel as she lifts her right leg she presses a button on her boot of which two blades two inches in length protrude from the heel, as she comes around with the left leg, she does the same and two more blades are revealed on the left heel. These are one of the many unique weapons designed by her guardian.
About the author
About the Author I’m married and the mother of three beautiful children. As far back as I can remember I’ve always been fascinated by super heroes and vigilantes. The main character in this story was conceptualized in 1999. In 2008 I finally got around to breathing life into her on paper . I truly enjoyed writing and developing the character taking actual bits and pieces from my own life and incorporating them into the story. Elo-Kin is like my Alter Ego.  ENJOY!!