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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Romance / Contemporary
  • Language:English
  • Pages:160
  • eBook ISBN:9780983911562

Double Time

by Corinna Clendenen

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Could you use another life? The story of a woman who has the courage to reinvent herself. Dani Jackson always cared a lot about music but not much for convention. When a circumstances leave her bottomed out, overworked and underloved, Dani hears a new tune, one that leads her where few will dare to follow.
Heirs to the Jackson textile mill, designer Dani and her singer/songwriter twin Dylan feel free to follow the siren call of the music world— until they’re interrupted by a car accident. With Dani behind the wheel, her father ends up on a stretcher. Youthful free spirits cut short, Dani swaps her fringed jacket for a business suit, the Red Hot Chili Peppers for the Brandenburg concertos. Throughout, music is the freeing agent, the energizing constant, the consoling balm. If your friends and family told the story of your life, how many different versions would there be? Dani Jackson’s shifting landscape is narrated by eight different characters, each with their own view of unfolding events. Here's Dani according to Dylan, from Chapter 2: 'How, you might ask, does a nice woman like Danielle Jackson happen to have two husbands? Good question. Why she doesn’t have three or four by now is a mystery to me. Because, you see, I’m her brother. Not the older and wiser Nathan, the worthy scion, the pillar of the Jackson family— what’s left of it, anyway. No, I’m Dylan, the wild one, the black sheep in a white sheep family. My woof runs through their warp no matter how hard they try to eradicate me. I’m the thread that won’t lie flat, that sticks out at just the wrong spot, whose raveling dissolves their neat and hard-won pattern. But this story isn’t about me, it’s about my sister. And after all Dani’s been through I’d say she’s entitled to as many husbands as she wants.'
About the author
Most of the time Corinna Clendenen lives in Connecticut. She’s a novelist, journalist, playwright and essayist who plays the minor role of Milly in the audio book edition of Double Time. Corinna grew up in Pennsylvania, has a Bachelor's degree in Art History and a Master's degree in Cinema Studies. She studied fiction writing at Bread Loaf, The University of Iowa and Yale's Summer Session. Her first novel, An Artful Affair, is set in the New York art world and involves forgeries, a triangle love affair, and ambition gone awry; it portrays the eternal conflict between art and money. Her second novel, Double Time, was inspired by the energizing spirit of new music, and from a wish to create a female character who isn’t punished for being brave enough to reinvent herself.