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  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Personal Growth / Success
  • Language:English
  • Pages:50
  • eBook ISBN:9781618426369

Debt Collection Hassles? How to Stall Them for Time; How to Stop Them for Relief

The Savvy New Guide to Your Rescue

by Arnold Solomon

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This is a savvy new guide to give you relief from the hassles of debt and bill collectors. You’ll learn how to stall them, how to take control of the process. You’ll even be able to stop them from hassling you. You’ll discover methods to turn the tables on them, and sue them. How to negotiate for the breathing space that you need. You’ll be able to negotiate from a position of strength. The ultimate is the defences with 24 methods to fight them. This guide will not only give you defensive armor, it will arm you with weapons to fight back—and win.
This savvy guide is a godsend if you’re being hassled by creditors and debt and bill collectors. It gives you a lot of defences and ammunition to stop the harassment, and to stall the process. It discusses ways you could very well defeat the whole effort against you. You’ll learn 13 ways to handle creditors. 5 ways to insulate yourself from easy access. How to handle collection agents, and 10 things they can’t do. How to stop them cold. 5 things you can do proactively in the circumstances. Then a real arsenal for you: 24 tactics you can use with creditors. Just reading it will make you feel better. You will beome armed with powerful information that changes everything. You’ll learn the grounds you can allege to deny that you owe the money at all. 9 other legal maneurvers you can use against them. You’ll become confident, and more capable of cutting a deal or simply delaying it for a long time. Or for knocking it out altogether. Discover 10 grounds for suing the lender or finance company. There is even a discussion of asset protection, because if you have your assets legally protected from creditors, then you’ve defeated them. You’ll see how the best defence is often an offence. You’ll learn the basics of bankruptcy as they could apply to you, so you can discuss it with your professional advisors intelligently. When you read this guide, you’ll lose stress, feel way more confident, and be able to formulate a gameplan using powerful tools you’ll gain from it. You’ll feel like the reinforcements have arrived to back you up and support you, to enable you to free yourself from financial slavery.
About the author
I have been a financial advisor for 42 years. During that time, I was a lawyer for 20 years specializing in mortgage loans and financing. I did a lot of collecting of debt and arrears for myself as creditor, and for clients. However, I have also been a business man, and I ran into some bad economic times. So I ended up down, broke but not out. But I learned first hand how to survive, in order to ultimately make a comeback and thrive. I learned how to stall creditors, how to stop them. I learned the things I write about in this guide like no theoretical author can. I learned the things from both sides of the fence. As creditor and as debtor. Street smarts. Legal knowhow. So I feel uniquely qualified to give you the best advice and help possible. Not just that, but suffering hard times made me more understanding and sympathetic to the plight you may be in. So I can advise you better because I know what you can be going through, and I want to help you. I also offer consultations, and other materials that can also help. In that regard, my assistance to you is also unique. Let me help you—but you have to start somewhere. Start by buying this book and reading it. Then we can see whether you want me to help you further. Or this guide may be just the answer to your collection problems. So get this book now.For your own sake, and for the sake of your loved ones. Don’t put things off any more. They’ll only get worse. But this book now.