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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Christian / Fantasy
  • Language:English
  • Pages:222
  • eBook ISBN:9781618423245


The Battle is won, but not over.

by Scott Anthony Taylor

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Do you believe there is more to life than what our five senses can experience? Take a journey with the author as he tells a story based on a true to life experience of a routine dive in a beautiful lake that changed him and his wife’s life forever. This journey goes beyond the realm of this earthly existence that we know to a supernatural realm of good and evil, a realm where the real battles of life are fought for our very lives and souls. Some of these battles are fought in beautiful lakes, some within our minds and hearts. Do you dare to believe that there is more?
There is another dimension, another realm closely connected with our own physical realm that has great investment in the success and demises of us. In this realm there are those fighting for us and against us Deathgate establishes that in this constant battle of good verses evil there are divinely appointed gateways that dramatically alter the direction of the person or people they are intended for. Gateways are ordained transitional passageways created by God. They are a supernatural connection between heaven and earth, physical and spiritual, mortal and immortal. Some seen, some felt, some heard, some asked. Some require action of the smallest movement such as grabbing someone’s hand, beaming a smiling, taking a step, or giving a compassionate embrace. Others can take much more physical action. They take the soul through an event that will cleanse away some of the grime left by the sinful nature. As the grime is removed, not only can God be seen more clearly, but also the soul is released from the burden and weight of it. There is another gateway that takes the spirit and the body beyond its natural limits. This gateway is not merely one of soul passage nor one of just conscious decision. This gateway separates the soul from the body. This not only elevates the soul closer to God, but it also determines if the soul will stay in the physical realm. It is the most serious and dangerous of the gateways. To successfully pass through this gate, it takes immense planning and protection from the immortal. Lucifer and his fallen angels double their efforts in attempt to keep the soul from returning to its physical body. This life-altering gateway is called, A Deathgate… This story follows a Newly married couple as they face a deathgate, and follows both dimensions the physical and immortal. The reader is taken into the unseen realm to watch the forces of good and evil battle for their desired out come. Also, you will be privy to the use and promptings of the immortals on the mortals as they are called on for assistants from around the world to help the couple successfully complete their journey and new destiny. This deathgate is passed through during a scuba diving accident that stretches the couple beyond their own abilities. Deathgate then takes the reader through the painful healing process connected with all crises. And eventually sees the couple through to the altered direction and the couple having knowledge wisdom and understanding and increased faith.
About the author
Scott Anthony Taylor was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In his twenties and early thirties he started several small businesses and was also an Executive Vice President of a high-end furniture manufacture. His journey toward finds Christ and deliverance from generational bondage, dysfunctional childhood, and failed relationship gave him an enormous capacity to reach hurting people. In 2005 Scott relocated to California with his new wife, recording artist and worship leader, Darnisha Taylor (www.darnishataylor.com). He accepted a position as Chief Financial Officer for a commercial property development company and assisted in a church plant where he consulted in business matters and served as children’s pastor. After a 25 year career as a corporate executive and business owner, he could not escape the fact the he was unfulfilled. While he found himself successful, he was miserable as he tried to find answers and purpose to the passions that still lay unproductive in his heart. Scott came to realize that God gave him a mind and desire for more than business. So, he stepped out in faith to walk a new career path of writing, speaking, helping other through relational and crisis issues and a business venture that included his life-long affection with the water. To fulfill his passion for water and helping others, he acquired his captain’s license, dive master certification and purchased a yacht that is currently being refitted for doing Caribbean charters. Scott and his wife will also offer marriage enrichment and crisis recovery retreats aboard their yacht the Vidurria (www.vidurria.com), which is a Spanish word meaning, “A life without stress or worry”.