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  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Curious Journey
  • Series Number:2
  • Pages:316
  • eBook ISBN:9780981792026

Curious Journey: Energy

The Energy of the New Age

by Robert Charles Hunter

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Have you ever been milling around a cocktail party and heard someone say, “The energy in the room was electric. It drew me in right away and I felt like I was walking two feet above the floor!”? Or, “The house was so full of energy; I knew we had to buy it!”? If you’ve been there, you’ve already stepped into the realm of the New Age. If not, but you want to know what others mean when they make those kinds of comments, this book’s for you!
In today’s culture, we all seek rational answers to events that we can’t explain, don’t believe, or have trouble comprehending. Curious Journey: Origins was the first in a series of books in which nationally known civic leader and business entrepreneur Robert Charles Hunter introduced readers to various perspectives of our world, often called elements of the New Age. In Curious Journey: Energy Hunter blends that with the science of today, taking the next logical step to understand Energy and how it fits into the New Age. So, what is Energy, how does it work, and why are so many people talking about it? Hunter doesn’t seek to provide all the answers, but he takes a refreshing, no-nonsense approach to topics such as balance, auras, past lives, karma, channeling and many other forms of Energy. Curious Journey: Energy is merely an introduction to the New Age concept of Energy, what it is, and how it affects body, mind, and spirit, ultimately linking all of us together as one. Hunter intends to give those who don’t yet know about the New Age a glimpse “through the looking glass” of ideas and concepts that are a curiosity to most.
About the author
Robert Charles Hunter has learned many things in his life: how to succeed in business, how to save a company millions of dollars, and that his wife is right more often than he’d like to admit. As a man firmly rooted in logic, despite his personal and professional successes, he still found himself asking, “Is that all there is?” A propitious road trip to the American Southwest awakened in him a latent awareness of things unknown or unrecognized, broadening his world perspective and focusing for him what it means to be alive. Through the Curious Journey series of books, he seeks to inform and educate—not indoctrinate—others on ideas, insights, and discoveries associated with the world around us. While Hunter has adopted many New Age perspectives, he’s the first to say that some concepts may be “way out there” and beyond his grasp or acceptance, but still well worth consideration for even the most skeptical. Embarking on your own Curious Journey can be a freeing exercise in learning to accept another’s point of view without compromising your principles. A nationally known business leader, Hunter is an author, speaker, and film producer. He served 23 years with PepsiCo—a Fortune 15 powerhouse at the time, including 11 years as CEO of PepsiCo Food Systems. He is a past board member and committee chairperson of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Washington, DC, and has served in leadership roles for numerous civic, educational, and charitable organizations. Hunter is currently chairman and CEO of Exxcell Entertainment, Inc., a company he founded with his wife, the Academy Award® nominated actress Diane Ladd.