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  • SubGenre:Fire & Emergency Services
  • Language:English
  • Pages:144
  • eBook ISBN:9781667842981
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667839226


A Memoir of Life, Learning, Law & Purpose

by Derick Loury

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In the tender embrace of Darby Township, where the whispers of the Greater Philadelphia loomed large, Derick Loury penned the inaugural chapters of his life. With the rhythmic dribble of a basketball as his constant companion, Loury unfolds his autobiography, a small-town boy with eyes alight with the glint of Division 1 dreams.

This is not merely a tale; it is a tapestry woven with the meticulous threads of encyclopedic detail and the vibrant hues of personal sagas. A humble, authentic reflection of a life's journey, Derick's narrative is a heartfelt sojourn through the corridors of self-discovery. The heart of his story beats to the pulsating rhythm of basketball, a steadfast echo from boyhood to the stern corridors of law enforcement.

As Loury takes us by the hand, we tread the storied paths of his youth in Darby Township. Here, amid the laughter and trials of a young black child in a predominantly white enclave, he confronts the jagged edges of racism, slicing through the fabric of the Southeast Delco School District with policies that shield privilege, leaving a community to grapple with the aftermath of a legal storm that would scar its history.

It is basketball, that sacred dance on the court, intertwined with an unwavering faith, that casts the longest shadows in Loury's odyssey. For even as the specters of grief and loss loomed, clouding his school days and darkening the doorstep of home, it was the discipline of sport that restored structure to his world, and the solace of faith that ushered him into the arms of community.

As a man, Loury's life would continue to be a testament to giving, his legacy etched in the sports programs he championed. Through the mosaic of faces and stories that touched his life, he found a richness beyond measure. Grief's sharp edges were softened by the gentle ebb and flow of fishing trips with his grandparents, where he pieced together the fragments of his heart.

In the foreword, Jay Wright, the esteemed Naismith Hall of Fame Coach and a steadfast beacon in Loury's life, offers a window into the soul of a friend. Through Loury's eyes, we journey across the landscape of eastern Pennsylvania, each experience, each trial and triumph, converging to mold the man of honor we see today.

Derick Loury's story is an invitation to walk the streets of his memories, to see the world through his victories and defeats, and to understand how a dream, when chased with relentless passion, can define one's destiny.


Beneath the gleaming backboards and the pulsing rhythm of basketballs against the polished court lies the soulful narrative of "Courtside," the life's work of Derick Loury. Framed within the elegant bounds of an autobiography, Loury's tale unfurls like a well-practiced play, revealing the ebbs and flows of a life rich in triumph and adversity.

The game of basketball weaves through Loury's existence as both compass and companion, guiding him with its unerring bounce from the raw energy of youth through the complex plays of adulthood. As a young man, he dances across the high school and college courts with a grace that earns him the adulation of peers and the promise of a future emblazoned with the game's fire. Yet fate has a different playbook in store.

Loury's journey is a mosaic of the characters that touch his life: the steadfast friends and kin whose influence imprints upon him, shaping the man he is to become. The narrative is thoughtfully sectioned into triptych chapters, each bearing a title borrowed from the lexicon of the court—a homage to the game that defines and drives the narrative tempo.

Despite the laurels of his youth and the beckoning of a career bound by the orange sphere, life's unpredictable currents steer him towards the shores of a different calling. The whistle of the game fades into the background as he dons new uniforms—first, the varied roles of the job market, and then the solemn garb of law enforcement. His ascension to the role of prison warden is a testament to his adaptability and the relentless pursuit of purpose.

The autobiography is not confined to a single genre but rather straddles the realms of introspection and chronology with deft skill. Loury's prose is punctuated by moments of stream-of-consciousness, an intimate glimpse into the author's inner court, where thoughts ricochet with the unpredictability of a loose ball. Yet, the narrative never loses its forward momentum, driven by a factual backbone that solidifies the authenticity of his story.

In a delicate balance, Loury interlaces the statistical with the personal, threading his narrative with a voice that is at once uniquely his and universally resonant. It is the voice of a man who, though he may no longer chase the bounding echo of the ball, still lives by the lessons learned in its shadow. His legacy is not only in the leagues he organizes to nurture his community or the games he referees but in the words he leaves behind—a playbook for navigating the complex game of life.

About the author

In the sprawling tapestry of law and order, Derick Loury emerges as a steadfast weaver of justice, his life's thread spun from the fabric of dedication and public service. His story begins in the modest precincts of the City of Wildwood Police Department, where, as a fledgling Class II Special Officer, he first tasted the weight of the badge after graduating from the crucible of the Cape May Court House Special Police Training Center in 1982.

Loury, though, was not content to remain a foot soldier of the streets for long. His ambition and thirst for knowledge propelled him to the storied halls of Rider College. Here, amidst the hallowed books and the exchange of learned dialogue, he forged his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Police Science Studies, sharpening his mind for the trials to come.

The New Jersey Department of Corrections welcomed him in 1988, not as an enforcer, but as a civilian sage among the ranks, his wisdom climbing the hierarchy through various mid-supervisor roles. It was not until he took the solemn oath of a Deputy Warden that his journey within the battlements of correction truly began.

In 2008, Loury ascended another rung, completing the rigorous New Jersey Police Training Commission's Executive Level course—an odyssey of six weeks that would steel him for the leadership ahead. The year 2015 marked his rise to the zenith of his career as an Administrator/Warden, a role demanding the orchestration of a vast human symphony: 300 Corrections Police Officers, 125 civilian staff, 25 private contractors, all within the confines of a prison complex teeming with 1,400 souls.

His pursuit of excellence did not wane. The National Institute of Corrections Academy in Aurora, Colorado, graced him with its knowledge, as he joined the ranks of the freshly minted Prison Wardens in 2017. That same year, the New Jersey Regional Intelligence Academy acknowledged his analytical prowess, bestowing upon him the title of a Basic Intelligence Analyst.

Loury's heart, however, has never strayed from the path of mentorship and education. He has become a lodestar for those navigating the complex waters of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, offering his time and wisdom generously. In the midst of overseeing the daily tumult of prison life, he wove intelligence into the fabric of operations, a steadfast guardian ensuring that the thread of safety remained unbroken.

The year 2020 saw him crown his contributions with leadership, becoming the Chairman of the nonprofit law enforcement organization C.A.B.L.E.—the Collective Agreement of Black Law Enforcement—a beacon aiming to illuminate and rectify the shadows of underrepresentation in the field.

As a Vice President since 2017 and an Executive Committee member of Camden Board #34, Loury stands as a protector of the integrity of referees, safeguarding the intellectual properties that are the lifeblood of South Jersey's officiating cadre. His inquiries, though confidential, ripple with low social impact, yet remain vital to the organization's heart.

A brother of Kappa Alpha Psi and a devoted member of Bethany Baptist Connection Church, Loury's life is a testament to the interweaving of faith and fraternity in the service of a cause greater than oneself. His story is not merely one of a man maintaining order within the walls of an institution but of a visionary shaping the very future of law enforcement and public safety.