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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Romance / Fantasy
  • Language:English
  • Series title:A Mikayla Tale
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:254
  • eBook ISBN:9781667883175
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667883168

Coming Into Power

by Tamara Smith

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Mikayla had a simple life and was heading down the path she carved for herself. A girl's night out will change her life forever. Through a series of events, she must choose between the white picket fence life or a luxurious lifestyle with much more responsibility and accountability. When Jason, a playboy Alpha werewolf, enters her world, she uncovers her hidden past, as a new life unfolds before her eyes. Journey with her as she learns about this hidden world and decides if she should embrace it or run for the hills.
Mikayla is an average human living a simple life day-to-day. She works in a restaurant daily, has a group of close friends, is financially stable (nothing extravagant), attending university and has the man of her dreams as her fiancé. Unfortunately, fate has another life chosen for her. During a girl's night out of fun, her happy life is stripped away from her. In her shocked state, she makes hasty decisions which lead her to enter the world of werewolves. Amidst a werewolf war, Mikayla and Jason need to determine if they should embrace or reject the mate bond established by the Moon Goddess. Whilst Jason attempts to court Mikayla, she is overwhelmed by more surprises about her childhood and upbringing. The life Jason offers her is one of love, war and leading an entire pack. This far exceeds Mikayla's idea of a common life in the suburbs and she is reluctant to choose this new life. Jason strives to protect his pack, prepare for war and win the heart of his true mate.
About the author
Vivid dreams and nightmares have plagued me since I was a child. I am always a key player in them and the storyline, good or bad, always feels real to me. The emotions of happiness, love, scared, angry and more, often would follow when I eventually awakened. With two young kids, who refuse to sleep through the night, insomnia became a real issue for me. I started reading several online supernatural novels to pass the time until I could sleep again. The combination of reading multiple supernatural stories, generally about werewolves, and my over imaginative, unconscious mind, led me to have a creative dream. I met my spouse in 2015 and over the years have told him about some of the dreams and nightmares I remember. When I woke one morning with this incredible dream, I had to tell him about it. After I began relaying it to him, he said, "it sounds amazing, you should write a book. You can start today. I will watch the kids and give you time." The appealing part to me was he would watch the kids and I could step away for awhile, so I humored him. I sat at my computer and started typing what I remembered. The vision was so clear in my mind. It replayed like I had watched it in the cinema. A few months later, I have the finished product and want to share it with you. Escape with me into my story and grow with the characters as they find themselves and realize what life has instore for them. Life isn't easy; the choices we make define us and it is difficult to know which is the right choice when it is a life-altering decision.

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