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  • SubGenre:Healing / Energy
  • Language:English
  • Pages:190
  • eBook ISBN:9781483529998

Choosing Energy Therapy

A Practical Guide to Healing Options for People and Animals

by Wanda Buckner, EdD

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Wanda Buckner is the perfect guide to exploring energy work for people and animals. Written for the layman, Choosing Energy Therapy draws readers into the world of energy healing. Buckner describes the theory behind energy healing and its basic concepts: all healing is self-healing and a disturbance in the body creates a disturbance in the body's energy field that can be corrected through intervention. Healers clear and balance the energetic field to support self-healing. Healing occurs on all levels--physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Multiple stories of human and animal healing bring the concepts alive. Buckner relates human and animal experiences of the possibilities and limitations of energy healing, healing into death, and the difference between being healed and being cured. Buckner's Haystack Theory of Healing recognizes that everything we do contributes to our healing and the healing of our animals. Together, these efforts result in "the straw that healed the camel's back," the tipping point to wellness. Energy healing can be one of these straws or the final straw. People and animals use energy healing prior to the need for medical intervention, during medical treatment, and at end of life to maintain quality of life and comfort. The final section of the book helps readers define their criteria for selecting a healing method and practitioner. Personal motives for wanting to heal others are examined. Chapter subheadings allow readers to begin their exploration at any point. Questions for reflection at the end of each chapter encourage readers to examine and refine their beliefs. The annotated Resources and Recommended Reading list includes content and quotation references and suggestions for additional exploration.
Energy healing supports the life force and boosts self-healing from crisis or change. Healing occurs on every level—spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional. Energy from the universe flows through the practitioner, like a magnifying glass concentrates the sun's energy, to supplement the receiver's inner resources. This boost allows self-healing and integration at the deepest levels. Wanda Buckner, EdD, shares the science behind energy healing, the effects of energy work on people and animals, the complementary role of energy healing in treatment, and how to find the right method and practitioner for your situation. Examples are drawn from the energy healing methods Buckner is most familiar with, but the book is broader than one particular therapy. Buckner writes from the heart. In doing so, she touches the reader's heart. Her personal experiences with energy healing are woven into the text. She recounts how she "discovered" energy work and her personal "research" into the results from the sessions she conducted. The results were so dramatic, she closed her successful proposal writing business to open her business, Healing Energy Services. Buckner's early experiences doing energy work and client accounts of energy healing draw the reader into the book. Buckner's Haystack Theory of Healing and the" straw that healed the camel's back" are based on her observation that everything we do contributes to our healing. She encourages us to choose another option if what we are doing for ourselves or our animals is not working. Clients' written records of their experiences enrich the text and provide insights into the healing process. Real life examples of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing clarify these concepts. Choosing Energy Therapy answers your questions about energy healing including treatment for children, distance healing, and safety. Buckner discusses animals as our healers, whether our animals reflect our health challenges, and what can be done to ease the end of life. Guidelines provide considerations for choosing a practitioner: Experienced or not? What healing method? Clairvoyant or works with angels? The chapter on Healing Others challenges us to consider whether we want to heal others or change them. Questions for reflection at the end of each chapter allow us to reflect on the content and form our own opinions. The text is divided into Sections, Chapters and Subheadings. The book can be opened and read at any point. Section One: Considering Options discusses Changing Your Life; Healing with Energy Therapy; Healing a Little, Healing a Lot; and Healing on Multiple Levels. You'll find answers to: What is energy medicine? What research supports it? Who regulates it? Why would anyone choose it? What is it good for? Section Two: Making Choices speaks to Healing Energy and Animals; Impacting the Total Self; and Healing into Death. Animal healing is discussed in more detail, including who's healing whom. The spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical aspects of energy healing are considered, as well as the differences between healing and curing. Section Three: Taking Action includes Choosing a Practitioner; Considering Practical Matters; and Healing Others. What to consider when choosing a practitioner is outlined. The role of angels and other beings in healing is discussed, as well as the challenging question: Do you want to heal others or change them? The Foreword is by Carol Komitor, founder of Healing Touch for Animals®. The annotated Resources and Recommended Reading list includes references, quotation sources, and materials for further exploration.
About the author
Wanda Buckner is an author, healer, teacher, speaker, life coach, clairvoyant, and animal communicator. When she discovered she had healing hands, she left a traditional career in education and proposal writing to one dedicated to healing herself and others. Wanda Buckner is a certified Healing Touch Program (for people) and Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner, a Reiki Master, an Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainer, and studied many additional healing methods. Her doctorate is in Educational Leadership from Seattle University. Wanda speaks and writes on the use of energy therapy to transform the lives of people and animals. She lives in Olympia WA where she maintains an active in-person and distance practice, Healing Energy Services, supporting the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing of people and animals.