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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Romance / Paranormal / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:234
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350936896

Before she remembered Keith

by Elizabeth Meeks

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This book is about an out of work actor who befriends a young girl who he believes can save his brother. Keith could have had a promising career but his addictions were destroying him. Dino knew Izzy could save his brother, love him for who he was. She could sense a person's true colors and Dino hoped she could save his brother in this life. Dino had lived the same life countless times and had never before encountered Izzy, he prayed she would be the key.
Every story has a beginning, a middle and an ending. Happy endings are hard work, they aren't just given to you. Izzy understood this lesson. She knew that everything was connected, everything was alive. The air that you breathe, the land that you walk on, it was all part of you. If you are alive, then so are the things you touch. Dino explained to the young girl, how life is circular. Time is endless but it follows the same path. If time travels in circles, then it must repeat. Izzy was new to the world. Sometimes, the universe introduces something new. Dino, an old soul, hoped that Izzy had been brought to his world for a reason, to help him save his brother Keith. Izzy was an empath. She wasn't aware of the power she could wield but she had a strong desire to help others and great kindness in her heart. Her story's beginning was not a happy one. Keith had introduced himself to her in the most violent way that a man can meet a woman, raping her. She was only fourteen years old. He had violated her in a random act, desperate for money to supply his need for a fix. Without knowing the identity of each other, they fell in love. Keith had sought help when faced with what he had done. With the help of his brother he slowly turned his life around. Izzy learned of her abilities, she was able to forgive the stranger because she could feel his agony. As she slowly realized who Keith was, she realized there was a reason. Izzy knew that life was random, but the universe had order. Their paths were meant to cross. They could save each other. True love is being able to know the darkest side of the person that you love, accept dark with the light and be strong. Izzy was the strongest person Dino had ever known. He hoped to God she could save his brother. Izzy could see all the colors and draw the dark ones out from inside of a person. Dino prayed that it was enough, he had grown weary throughout time in his efforts to save his brother but his heart wouldn't let him stop trying.
About the author
Elizabeth Meeks lives in a tiny house in the heart of Lincoln Nebraska. She is easily influenced by music and colors. She loves earthy scents and the sound of nature excluding the screaming fox that likes to wake her up at 2:00 am. She could listen to Neil Young's song Birds throughout time and never become tired of it. She is naturally drawn to browns and rusts and would rather die than paint a room blue. Secretly as she wrote this book, she hoped that it would make the banned book list in Florida because of the subject matter. Elizabeth knows the secret to having someone read a book, is to ban it. If anyone truly wanted a teenager to not read a book, they would place it on the required curriculum list. The key to becoming a better person is to learn and have empathy. Elizabeth wrote this book, because not everything is black and white, there are colors everywhere and the world is a better place when you can see them.