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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Biblical Meditations / General
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Immersed in Christ Daily Reflections
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:114
  • eBook ISBN:9781483516080

Be Christian, Be Christ: Step One of the Immersed in Christ Series

Accepting and Appreciating Jesus as Savior

by David M. Knight

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This booklet is meant to foster in a practical way a process of spiritual growth designed to help you grow to the “perfection of love.” There are reflections for every day during Advent and the Christmas season. They are based on the readings read at Mass each day. But there is a spin to them! The reflections focus on whatever is in the readings that speaks to the theme of appreciating and using Jesus as the Savior, not just of our “souls,” but of our whole life on this earth: family and social life, school life, work and politics. The aim of every reflection is to help you get into the kind of interaction with Jesus Christ that will “save” every area and activity of your life from “veering off” toward destructiveness, distortion, mediocrity and meaninglessness. A good theme for Advent and Christmas. This booklet is also a practical follow-up to help you live out Step One in my book Reaching Jesus — Five Steps to a Fuller Life — the introductory or “flagship” book for the spiritual growth plan Immersed in Christ. You will find more books developing the five steps on the website www.immersedinchrist.com. I hope you will love this book, use it and enjoy it!! Merry Christmas and a growthful New Year!
This book offers something different. It gives reflections on the lectionary (Mass) readings for every day of the Advent and Christmas seasons in 2013-2014, but these reflections are different from any others you will find. They follow a plan. There are five sets of reflections each year, and each focuses on one of the five mysteries of Baptism. (Didn’t know there were five? Read the reflections for a year and you will be immersed in them). The five mysteries of Baptism are the five basic truths, promises, commitments and mystical experiences of Christian living. The Immersed in Christ series forms them into a progressive plan for spiritual growth. The shocking truth is that Immersed in Christ may be the only complete, systematic plan for integral spiritual growth that is offered to ordinary people in the Church. (“Ordinary” means those extraordinary people who want to grow in the spiritual life but find Teresa of Avila too challenging). If you know of or find another one, email me at info@immersedinchrist.com. In a nutshell, what is this “spiritual growth plan” all about? Mainly it’s about connecting what we believe with how we live. Yes, something that basic. Immersed in Christ connects the five promises God makes to us at Baptism with the five commitments we make to him. When we are baptized into the Christian faith, we begin a lifelong process growing into all Baptism empowers us to become. It is a lifetime journey in faith formation. Throughout the faith journey we work to “live out” our baptismal consecration as: 1. Christians and 2. Disciples; continuing the mission of Jesus as 3. Prophet, 4. Priest, and 5. King. Put another way: The focus of Immersed in Christ is to help you form yourself as a Christian who is conscious of being Christ, devoted to discipleship, and committed to living out your baptismal anointing as a prophet through witness, a priest through ministry, and a steward of Christ’s kingship through leadership in renewing the face of the earth. Immersed in Christ, therefore, is simply a plan that will: • Focus you on the mystery and consequences of your Baptism; • Explain what it means to be a Christian and a disciple who—as we say in the baptismal ritual – is anointed “as Christ was anointed Priest, Prophet, and King,” committed to “live always as members of his body”; • Show you practical ways to live out your baptismal consecration. This books focuses on the first mystery – the new identity Baptism gives us – and reflects on the Scripture passages read at Mass to help you live and experience it.
About the author
Father David Knight is the author of fifty-nine books on Christian spiritualty. He has a master’s degree in philosophy, a doctorate in theology and has ministered as a priest for over fifty years in eighteen different countries as African missionary (Chad), pastor, campus minister, high school teacher, college professor, retreat director, mission preacher and lecturer. He has taught spirituality at Catholic University in Washington, D.C., at Loyola University in New Orleans, Christian Brothers University in Memphis, and to ministers and seminarians of several denominations at Memphis Theological Seminary (Presbyterian). For the past thirty-six years his focus has been on the Immersed in Christ Faith-Formation Series, a long-term plan of spiritual formation of the laity through programs of spiritual growth and adult faith formation. He speaks English, Spanish, French and German.