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  • Genre:TRAVEL
  • SubGenre:Special Interest / Family
  • Language:English
  • Pages:272
  • eBook ISBN:9781667844206
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667844190

Are We There Yet?

Traveling More Responsibly with Your Children

by Rachel Dodds and Richard Butler

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“Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education, in the older, a part of experience.”

                                                                                           Francis Bacon 1561-1626

This book, filled with ideas, information and stories from parents around the globe will help you travel more responsibly and enjoyably with your children/grandchildren.

Do you love to travel but are worried about the negative impacts of travelling? Are you unsure if you can still travel now that you have children, and actually have fun? Do you want to travel more sustainably, but are overwhelmed and are not sure where to start? This book will help you make responsible and sustainable choices before, during and after your trip. It will also help you to navigate travelling with children and will give you tips and inspiration for how to raise resilient, responsible kids who will grow to love travel as much as you do! With detailed advice about all kinds of travel and over 100 stories from parents and grandparents around the world, this book is a step-by-step guide to how to travel more responsibly with kids. It is essentially a blueprint for making travelling with kids both enjoyable and responsible. Included in the book are advice, resources, lists, and facts, as well as many stories from parents, grandparents and others who remember their travels as, or with, a child. The stories are aimed at helping and informing parents and grandparents how to keep children happy, amused and informed while travelling and enjoying their destinations. Travel is a wonderful opportunity for children to experience new places and cultures and this book will help them do that, while helping them protect the world they are visiting, as well as their world at home.
About the author

Dr. Rachel Dodds is globally recognized as an expert in sustainable tourism. Rachel is a professor at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly known as Ryerson University). She has travelled to over 80 countries across six continents, and has seen first-hand the joys and delights of travel as well as the devastation that tourism can bring. Rachel understands the challenges that different destinations face and what we, as travellers, can do to help alleviate them. She has a young daughter, who has already travelled to over 18 countries and is developing the same love of travel that Rachel has. Rachel is passionate about trying to make the world a better place, and hopes that through the love of travel we can all become more responsible travellers.

Dr. Richard Butler has studied the field of tourism since the 1960s, is an international writer and researcher, and has published over 23 books on tourism and related topics. With his background in geography and his experience in teaching resource management and conservation, he understands the complexities of sustainable development, and environmental issues in general, particularly in the context of travel and tourism. Richard has travelled widely, often with his children and, more recently, grandchildren, and is keenly aware of the excitement and delights of travel and of introducing the next generation to new countries, and is also aware of the value (and challenges) of aiding young people to become more responsible for the world around them. In 2016 he was awarded the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s Ulysses Prize “for excellence in the creation and dissemination of knowledge”. He is an emeritus professor (University of Western Ontario), now retired and living in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada.


To Zoe, my daughter, you changed my life – for the better.

To Caroline, Richard, and Antonia for the joy (and grandchildren) you have brought.

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Are We There Yet? When travel and exploration is the essence of who you were, are and want to be continue to be with your kids, this book is a must have in your collection! I loved it, its a beautifully curated series of short stories and adventure of real ppl, first hand experiences and practical tips for parents to instill wanderlust in our kids - sharing the lessons of choice, awareness and how their decisions (big and small) matters- both at home and in the homes of many where they will go. Read more
Are We There Yet? Children don’t come with manuals but thankfully Rachel Dodds’ compilation of real stories fills the gap for parents who want to continue their sustainable travel lifestyles once a child enters their lives. Or perhaps becoming a parent awakened a need to act now to conserve and protect our shared environment, especially when leaving home on vacation. No matter what the motivation, for any adult who wants to travel and create memories with a child (or children!), plus tread lightly, “Are We There Yet”? serves up practical tips and showcases how human beings – big and small – can effect positive change. The inspirational travel stories, compiled from a wide variety of families, delivers sustainable travel suggestions by allowing individual voices to come alive as the contributors share their experiences in each vignette. Readers will make this book their trusted go-to sustainable travel guide when kids are along for the trip! Read more