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  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:235
  • eBook ISBN:9781888311075

Almost Innocent

Dancing in the Space Between

by Michael Mish

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There probably isn't a single person whose life has rolled out just as they'd planned. 'Life happens' and we find ourselves leading a life that may even surprise us at times. The unprecedented stress in our lives has resulted in our having to make choices that aren't always consistent with what we truly want for ourselves. The author, after giving up all his possessions, set out to discover how the original plan he had for himself got derailed. This nakedly honest investigation about innocence-lost looks at the traumas; the 'little losses' and the stresses that define our lives today that we tend not to question or even notice. Innocence emerges as the last frontier in adult maturity. How did we lose it in the first place? Is it possible to get it back? And, if we can get it back, can we be innocent without appearing childlike? The author is astonished at what he finds...
Perspective Shifter. Life Changer. A mystic, philosopher, educator, natural psychologist, musician, "innocent abroad" shares insights that sparkle, transform, and excite. Michael Mish' mind and world view are cosmic, inclusive, pertinent, accessible, and profound. The grasp of Mish' reach makes one gasp as to the obvious truth in his clearly shared insights. I am widely read in the above fields, and an experienced counselor of thousands, yet even for me, this brilliant view is so refreshing as to astonish. Michael Mish is that rare "participant/observer" that helps us see/feel/know what we're seeing/feeling/knowing with vivid and astute magnification to make sure we are actually "getting it". Deftly carrying us back to universal experiences, our birth, our innocent childhood, our loss of innocence, he helps us see where and when our "lives went off the tracks" and amazingly, has offered useful and helpful tools to get them back on track. Individually and collectively, we ignore this book at our peril. Almost Innocent, provides a traceable trail of wisdom for joy and consciousness advancement. It is one of the most significant books I've ever encountered and will widely recommend as long as live and breathe. The originality, the vast breadth of concept and depth of awareness rival the minds of Freud, Jung, Margaret Mead, Einstein, Virginia Satir, and Carl Sagan. Mish gently carries us to a new threshold of self-understanding, and compassion for others who have also been "bitten by the lizard". He helps us re-wind and review our experience with our parents. Then he fashions a new bow where our arrow of destiny, both individually and collectively, can fly to happier and survivable heights. The question is, will we?
About the author
A national childrens entertainer, Emmy Award winner, and environmental speaker, Michael found that children had a passion and creativity that eluded most adults. He has wanted the kind of innocence that children seem to have naturally, back in his own adult life. Time goes by much more slowly for children than adults, and in his middle-age Michael wants to elasticize the passage of time by doing more, experiencing more, traveling more, laughing more and playing more. Writer of a dozen plays and musicals and voice actor for Saturday morning cartoons, Michael travels and enjoys shooting underwater video.