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  • Genre:SCIENCE
  • SubGenre:Research & Methodology
  • Language:English
  • Pages:48
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667869834

All of a Sudden

The Origins of the Pandemic of COVID-19 Policy

by Christopher J. Butcher

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An outbreak of a respiratory disease caused by a novel coronavirus is currently being experienced worldwide. A growing amount of public data related to the 2019 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Two (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic are being analyzed and more Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests are being filed with many governmental agencies. Analysis of these data show a significant deviation between the number of cases and the number of infections. A causal chain of events appears to exist between the changing of definitions in tandem with specific changes to COVID-19 aggregating, recording and reporting policy and the inflation of case numbers. Due to the changing of definitions and specific COVID-19 policies, and the diversion of funding, sweat equity and publicity away from the pandemic of infection and focusing resources on case number predominately in early 2020; the differentiation between the pandemic of cases and the pandemic of infections is growing. In fact, saying the pandemic of cases has become so divorced from the pandemic of infections that they are two separate statistical entities has become acceptable. The focus of this research paper is to document the apparent omission of due diligence and deviation from the previously established scientific methods when crafting COVID-19 policies and definitions. The data pertaining to cases of COVID-19 no longer correctly represent the number of COVID-19 infected. Since governmental decision making is based on cases for this pandemic, the emergency policies do not address the needs of the populations. These mismatched policies could have catastrophic impacts on other downstream systems.
The methods used in this article are utilization of publicly accessible data archives, peer reviewed articles and FOIA request from Center of Disease control and prevention (CDC), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), National Vital Statistics System (NVSS) and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) regarding memos, emails and all pertinent information discussing International Classification of Disease (ICD) code U07.1 changes. In addition, a review of recent definition changes is addressed. Future papers from the author will discuss many more examples of definition changes during the pandemic and their impact. Also, the FOIA requests seek copies (with Personal Health Information (PHI) redacted) of all death certificates that listed U07.1 as a cause of death. Due to increasing demand, complex FOIA are backlogged in processing for over a year. Several field specific experts, researchers and clinical scientists, have been interviewed for perspective. This is a Tycho Brahe approach to Pandemic data gathering, that is, to have all the data gathered and available when the time comes for it to be needed. The data presented have not been altered or changed by the author.
About the author
We now demonstrably live in a society where individualized, narrowly tailored medical advice and treatment, from medically trained doctors, given directly to their patient is a punishable and sometimes a career ending offence for the practitioners. In this new, less healthy (the pandemic was so deadly that many nurses and doctors were terminated, exiled is a better descriptor, therefore less professionals available to render aid to the sick), and increasingly illiberal society, public medicine is a "one-size-fits-all", do what big pharma/public-health dictates (the revolving door of government officials and big pharma executives is well known) type of world. Where elite capture of politicians and other elected and non-elected officials and regulatory capture of governing oversite entities' safety regulatory procedures is business as usual. Personal and individual medical care is no longer the norm and in several cases since 2019 is publicly shamed, stigmatized and even prohibited. The greater good now demands many forcefully administered and deadly experimental medical gene therapy procedures and unnecessary invasive interventions be carried out on unwilling victims (victims of the bioweapon and the weaponized medico-government). Since 2019 public health entities along with corporate media have caused the individual to undergo forced removal of/from careers, families, personal economics, entire lives and livelihoods canceled and silenced, unpersoned (unconstitutionally removed from public discourse), doxed and to be terrorized and unjustly destroyed; all under possibly punitive negligence or even intentionally falsified pretenses (based more on political beliefs and profit than medical diagnoses). Not to mention, amoral draconian separation of family members from dying loved ones, unscientific, disastrous and deadly lock downs and bizarre everchanging masking rules all based on possibly artificially inflated case and death numbers and misdiagnoses from possible testing manipulations. The pandemic related responses of public health entities have been based on emotionally provocative groupthink and exceptionally refined psychological warfare designed to both subjugate the conformist and remove and silence the proponents of due diligence who pushed back with scientific data. Public Health entities in lockstep with pharmaceutical companies, governments, corporate news outlets and social media could now be the deadliest public enemy to the individual's wellbeing. It is now proven, documented and demonstrated worldwide that health science data can be skewed and altered to fit political ideologies (wokeism, scientism) by changing definitions, changing how deaths are recorded and reported to promote fear campaigns and weaponize medical information (by cherry picking facts or silencing those who disagree). Inconsistent data sets and liquid modernity infected definitions create a chaotic environment where individual patient healthcare and compassion is impossible.