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  • SubGenre:Counseling / Academic Development
  • Language:English
  • Pages:44
  • eBook ISBN:9786030165858

Alef Ba Ta a Youth Manual for Better Life

by Abdulmohsen Balghoneim

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An overall description of tools that young people must be aware of before getting into serious life issues consideration. Briefly discussed with some suggestions. More elaborate on certain issues can be found through the web. A summation of many years of training young people, molded in this manual.
Introduction This booklet is a simple guide for more tranquil life. It does not have solutions for any thing. But rather a collection of some ideas that have been tried and found to be beneficial for the writer and hopefully for the reader. People are different and hence they go through life in different modes. Some are passive, preferring to go through life as a rider with others driving and some want to have a saying in their life and where its direction should be towards. Now having a saying in your life also has many variable ways and directions. Here we are more interested in the humble, aspiring to get better in life but with balance between all aspects of life rather than concentrating on few aspects on the account of others. To illustrate the point we go through life as an acrobat having many balls to juggle at the same time, each ball must have the possibility of being thrown in the air and then caught. Those balls can be health, faith, work, family, friends, specific goals and many others; each individual decides them for him / her self. Now disregarding one or more for the sake of another is extremely important in shaping our path through life. We are not saying do not concentrate on some to better your well being. Such as concentrating on work to gain more income for a better materialistic life and paying less attention to family and / or health. But if that is the aim then let us not disregards family for most of us work to better their family standard of living, let us give family the time it deserves. Also disregarding our health will not make us enjoy what ever materialistic gain we acquired through concentrating on work. The amount of enjoyment from gained material stuff will drop drastically if the quality of our health drops. Our existence is dependant on the existence of other human beings. It is a matter of relativity. We realise our existence through them. The element of others must exist in order to know things like love, good times, fun, laughter, tenderness and all that we really look for in life, but we do not put efforts to realise it, although, near us. That is because we are belittling our selves and walk through life as imitators rather than having our well being in mind guiding us through life.
About the author
Civil Engineering graduate of University of Washington, Seattle Summer 1974. Worked in contracting whre personnal interrelation is high for 11 years. Switched to banking and attended courses in New York 1986. Continued for 16 years in Banking, then wsitched to training Personnal Effectiveness in the Saudi American Bank for 7 yearsuntil retiring in 2007. Started writing this manual in response to the Home Morgage Crash that time. It was painful to see average people loose thier life savings. Hence this manual to act as an eye oppener for young people in thier life trip. It is my belief that we are responsible for any defaults that takes place with young people left alone to guide themselves. Gudance and often reminding of the true nature of life can be preventive measure aginst catastrophies.