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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Religious
  • Language:English
  • Pages:81
  • eBook ISBN:9781609849900


by Chante Thomas-Hood

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A venture throughout the battles of life, bring moments of triumph in this captivating story of faith, hope, and love. Adalia, a young woman who has found herself caught in a whirlwind of obstacles learns that through the trials and tribulations who and what her source is in the face of adversity. As her faith is shaken through endless encounters, she is uncertain of what the future holds. Chante Thomas-Hood brilliantly depicts the collision of life’s intricate lines of fate with the affliction of human nature. Adalia is at best a refreshing story that will inspire and show the amazing reward at the end of the journey.
Sometimes it is not easy to see what is around you if something is too close to your face. After taking a step back one can realize what truly is important and what is not of importance. Being in love is something that used to be extremely relative to me until finding my soul mate and experiencing the birth of my daughter. My name is Adalia and at twenty seven years of age, I have known what it is like to be in an unhappy marriage, to be in a successful marriage, to have success, setbacks, and to experience God like never before. Throughout the years spent in my first marriage I suffered from severe emotional damage and abuse. Even though things were great from the beginning, our marriage quickly turned into endless turmoil. As the love that held us together quickly disappeared, it was like living life without oxygen. As I begin to look for answers with each new circumstance, I quickly turned to God and he ultimately led me to my soul mate. As I transitioned to my new life with my husband and renewing my walk with God, I began to discover what it meant to have faith, hope, and love. Throughout our journey together as a married couple there have been twists and turns along the way however this allowed for me to see life through spiritual eyes. My life with my soul mate has been fulfilling in every imaginable way and each new experience has led us to grow individually and together. As we have faced challenges and triumphs we have been able to use our story as a testimony to others that we have met along the way. My soul mate has not only helped me to reunite my passions and dreams, but has helped me achieve many successes. As I set out to achieve my personal goal of starting my marketing firm this ultimately opened doors to new heights and challenges. As both of our careers peaked, my husband and I quickly found ourselves in a whirlwind of setbacks. Our comfy life came to an abrupt halt forcing us to leave everything behind and dive into the unknown. In addition, I would soon find out that we would be expecting a daughter which presented new questions that there were no answers for. The feelings of frustration, anguish, and despair left me once again questioning God as my faith hung in the balance as we attempted to sort things out. Not knowing where our next meal was coming from or if there would be a roof over our heads, all contributed to my emotional decline and took me to a place I did not want to be. As I battled for my life throughout my pregnancy, the feelings of desolation soon set it on my husband. With several obstacles in front of us the blessings arrived in abundance, and through that I realized my story was meant to be heard.
About the author
Chante Thomas-Hood born in Plattsburgh, New York and raised in Niceville, Florida is a jewel to the literary world. She is a freelance writer, online editor, recognized member of the National Writers Association and blogger. Her passion for writing started in grade school after being honored by the Florida Legislature, for excellence achieved on Florida Writes. She has developed her love for writing over the years by publishing article content for Yahoo in addition to being an online ebook author. Her latest project is a compilation of poetry co-authored with her husband that will be released next year. Despite her interest as an author, she is a woman of God that draws inspiration from her loving and supporting family.