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  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:308
  • eBook ISBN:9781949682014

Actual Understanding

by Erez Ascher

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Have you ever wondered what we are, what reality is, how it all works together for us to exist as living beings? Actual Understanding was written to guide you through an unfolding process to answer these questions and to understand your unique existence in alignment with universal truth.

The first half of the book provides a core explanation of reality, while the second half of the book illuminates the path to create, or actualize, wellness at all levels of being. In defining wellness as the maximal ability to function, in contrast with illness as the reduced ability to function, Actual Understanding reveals the means to create Heaven on Earth.


When asked with this book is about, I've often replied that Actual Understanding provides an actual understanding of reality in order to actualize wellness at all levels of being. When I communicate this to people, their responses generally fall into two camps:

  1. "That's interesting."
  2. "I just need to shut up — because this is beyond me."

Yet, I wrote the book to be as accessible, and accurate, as possible. Due to my not having stood on anyone's shoulders to write it, this book doesn't require any prior beliefs from the reader. Rather, the book came together for me like a puzzle, assembled piece by piece, sentence by sentence, to form a grand design that continuously surprised me as it was gradually revealed month by month. Even now, I still learn from this book and find that it restabilizes my belief system every time I read it.

It's easy to get caught up in the stories of our world, such as through TV, movies, news, and social media. Because these stories so often share commonalities, people often assert these common aspects to represent the truth, based upon their prevalence. Yet, truth is not related to how common something is. So, when we read a text that explains the basis of truth and offers a means for understanding reality, we can better align our understanding of the world. When our understanding is in alignment with truth, we are able to fully experience the true joy of being.

While the first half of this book provides a core understanding of reality, the second half applies that understanding to explain how to create wellness at all levels. Here, wellness is defined as the maximal ability to function, while illness is defined as a reduced ability to function. The same way that your individual wellness is affected by the wellness of your organs and cells, the wellness of societies and, indeed, the entire planet is based on the wellness of the beings that constitute them. When the entire planet, at all levels, is in a state of wellness, what we will have created is none other than Heaven on Earth.

About the author

Erez Ascher is a philosopher, author, and comprehensive wellness counselor whose love for humanity and dedication to the well-being of both people and planet have led him to focus on addressing life's most pressing issues. Mr. Ascher's first book, Actual Understanding, illuminates how one can understand reality and actualize wellness at all levels of being. His second book, Feel. Love. Now..., details an 18 week program to create stability and wellness in your life.

Erez is based on California and travels extensively to share his work. More information about him is available at https://ErezAscher.com.

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