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  • SubGenre:Women's Health
  • Language:English
  • Pages:291
  • eBook ISBN:9781609840013

A Star is Born Fearless Painless Birth & Beyond

Joyous Conscious Birth

by Nina Joy

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"A Star is Born Fearless Painless Birth & Beyond" is unlike any book you have ever read. I will take you on a journey of discovering the true nature of childbirth, the true nature of you.

“Fearless Birth and Beyond” will uplift your spirit, your pregnancy, your life! If you are pregnant now, it will fill you with confidence and an eagerness for more. Maybe you are already a Mom and looking for a less invasive way of delivering your next baby. Or perhaps you are someone who just loves reading about true life miracles and edge of your seat adventure. This is a delightful and informative book of Nina Joys’ journaled experiences from 1989-1995. It includes 3 stories about 3 waterbabies. It has over 50 photographs, includes tons of childbirth Resources and a special section detailing just how to deliberately create a more joyous pregnancy birth & beyond.

About the author

Born in Port St. Joe, Florida in 1958 near the ocean Nina says even as a little girl she always felt like a dolphin out of the water. She considers herself a professional student of life, and a true child of God.

“I’ve been passionate about helping people all my life. I’ve been blessed beyond belief, and conscious for many years that God, the Source of my being, lives within me and all around me and that all of my power is in the now.

At 17 following her fathers footsteps Nina enlisted in the U.S. Navy. She trained in the Hospital Corps. Here work or plwork, (play/work) as she calls it, was equivalent to a Civilian Nurse.

"My time in the Hospital Corps was very fulfilling and at that time I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. However my life drastically changed when I sustained a broken back, due to a car crash, which landed me on the same Naval Hospital ward I'd been working on for a year.

"Being laid up in a body cast for a couple of months and then surgery six months later gave Nina much time to meditate on pain, illness and disease.

This in turn led her to many years of studying Nutrition, Anti-aging practices, Preventative Medicine, Psychology and more Holistic approaches for a healthy life. She was driven to find answers of WHY there was so much sickness, so much unhappiness.

In her 20‘s she worked with many Doctors and studied with Master Teachers of Therapeutic Massage, Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual Healing and was forever changed.

"People have described me as a person ahead of my time. It’s true, I have always felt and acted differently than most. A bit of a misfit growing up. Yet contrast and life experiences, whether positive or so called negative, has served me well, spurring me on to know without a shadow of a doubt that the Spirit of God lives through me.

"Traveling the world and living in exotic places has been a passion of Nina’s. Visiting places like China, Japan, Russia and many European countries. She has lived in Hawaii and Tahiti and the coast of Mexico, which were her favorites. As she loves spending most of her days swimming with dolphins, whales and little fishies!

“I've had many experiences of telepathic communic-ation with dolphins and whales. People too. And especially while I was pregnant the clarity and strength of our communication seemed more amplified. Being accepted into the “Pod Mind” was beyond amazing and undoubtedly helped me birth my three Daughters more consciously and with so much more Joy.

In addition to writing Fearless Birth & Beyond, Joyous Conscious Birth and a full time Mom and Teacher of her 3 Joys’ for 27 years, Nina has written 13 more books and recorded Guided Meditations, including one especially for pregnancy and joyful childbirth called; The Birth of your Dreams.

have personally experienced 3 fearless, super-conscious water births. To some it might seem very unconventional, yet it was perfect for us.

I believe that if your INTENTION is to have a fearless, painless birth experience… or anything else for that matter, YOU CAN!"

With Love and Birthing Blessings, 
Nina Joy

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