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  • Genre:PETS
  • SubGenre:Dogs / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:80
  • eBook ISBN:9781098333577
  • Paperback ISBN:9781098333560

A Golden Retriever & His Two Dads

An Adventure on Cape Cod

by Dan Perdios

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When a Golden Retriever plays matchmaker, anything is possible. A Golden Retriever named Willy introduces two guys who become his Dads. Together they take off to Cape Cod to make a film. The drama of the movie mirrors the story of their lives. Part travelogue, part romance, part Hollywood, this is a thoroughly entertaining dog adventure you won't want to miss.

A Golden Retriever & His Two Dads tells the story of how Dan's Golden Retriever, Willy, helps him to find a life partner. Willy has been the love of Dan’s life for over nine years helping him survive a life-threatening disease. But now Dan would like a relationship with someone of his own species. One morning at the local coffee shop, Willy pesters a handsome patron to the point that Dan must intervene and apologize.  His name is James and he’s a movie producer. A romance develops but long distance relationships are difficult to maintain.

Willy’s ears perk up when he hears James announce that he is leaving for six weeks to make a film on Cape Cod. He invites Dan and Willy to join him and even offers to hire them to work on the film crew. Now Dan and Willy must decide if they are ready to commit to living and working with James. They accept the offer and thus the experiment on Cape Cod begins.

It is uncanny when they discover that the drama of the movie seems to mirror the adventure that Willy, Dan & James are about to embark on. Dan is nervous about living with James as they are temperamental opposites. Starting a new relationship while making a film provides them with ample obstacles to resolve their different approaches; especially when Willy suddenly collapses with a mysterious sickness or when Dan’s parents show up on the set uninvited, to name a few.

But when a Golden Retriever plays matchmaker, anything is possible. 
About the author
Dan Perdios is an extensively published PEN Grant award-winning journalist. His articles have appeared in magazines, newspapers, and websites such as: We The People, The Press Democrat, the Bay Area Reporter, the Russian River Times, the Desert Times, In LA Magazine, The Desert Sun, Bay Woof, and The Dodo. Dan has been a civil rights activist since he was 19 in the days of Harvey Milk and the gay rights movement. When the epidemic raged it was an easy shift to AIDS activism. Dan attributes his survival during that unimaginable pandemic to the love and loyalty of his dogs. Specifically, Golden Retrievers. His first, Nicholas, came into his life as a golden ball of fur. Willy, the co-star of A Golden Retriever and His Two Dads arrived in 1997. His current Golden, Morgan, was a one year old rescue dog. The love for his dogs opened him up to a deep appreciation for nature and the great outdoors. For the last thirty years, Dan and his Goldens have returned to Cape Cod in the summer to reconnect with his large extended family and to explore the beauty of the Cape and the Islands. In the last few years Dan has taken his love of nature and his dogs a step further. Now his passion lies with the animal rights movement. He believes animal rights is the new gay rights. He recently bought his first vegan belt and is moving more and more to an animal free diet.

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Wonderful Story Telling “The whole story about his experiences give the author an air of youthfulness and true sincerity, of love and caution. The trips through the cape give the reader a real sense of exactly where roads lead and places exist. The fact that his lover is working on a film about a guy coming out late in life is relatable to almost anyone in the arts who had to lead a closeted life until the spark of love breaks him or her out of their respective closets. Though the author came out early to his family, he is still reticent about "the parents" and how they will accept his beloved. The whole story is very compact and requires much going back and driving down new roads and roaming new beaches and finding new eateries. Kudos to the author for an excellent short (not too short) story that just about anyone can enjoy - gay or not. We should expect more from this experienced and gifted writer." Read more
A Must Read When a dear friend writes a story about his beloved Golden Retriever introducing him to a prospective partner in sunny California which leads him on a cross country adventure to Cape Cod, I know it will be a "must read." The author has written a heartfelt story, exposing his feelings and adversities, which are supported by his love for animals, especially Golden Retrievers that love unconditionally. This is an inspirational story for those who love the diversity of Cape Cod and film production wherever it may lead. Excellent choice during a pandemic! -- Gwenyth Read more