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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:251
  • eBook ISBN:9781623096106

A Glint in Time

A Novel of History and Time... and the Ability To Do Something About It!

by Frank J. Derfler

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Imagine that, within the strict and actual limits of physics, you had an ability to influence past events... to change history. What would you do? Who would you consult? Who would you trust? How about unanticipated consequences? In this book, a small group of people, mostly military, deal with those problems and do their best to do the best for the US and the world. This story is tightly tied to real history and real technology. There is only one development that hasn't taken place yet... that we know of. If you like technology, history, and military action, this is the book for you!
This is the revised and updated eBook edition of the original "Glint in Time". "Glint" weaves meticulously researched history with technology that is real, but almost unbelievable. This book, together with the sequel "A Twist in Time" traces an ad-hoc team of historians, techies, and soldiers as they deal with a breakthrough in physics that really could happen at many places around the world any day now. The team meets in Florida, travels to Indonesia, moves to Nevada, and faces perils from bureaucrats, Jihadists, and frustrated competitors. The story line is punctuated and driven by real events from the 1960s through to today. The book uses interesting characters, high technology, and important history to get you to ask yourself, "What if?" and "If you changed history, how would you know?" The sequel "A Twist in Time" is also available and it takes the same group of characters through more twists and turns in time.
About the author
Frank Derfler is a "What if?" thinker. He is a retired military officer, writer, teacher, and pilot. His background includes government service and introducing the world to breakthrough technology. His 22 published technical books cover data communications, networking, and the use of computers and networks in every aspect of business. His series of novels follows a group of characters across decades as they use a special technology to change history. Because of his background in technology and his time spent inside the Pentagon and around the Washington Beltway, his characters use science with precision and his facts are supported by real headlines. His books, including his novels, are painstakingly researched and developed. Frank lives in the Florida Keys where he enjoys boating, flying, shooting, and keeping fit. He is happy to make friends on Facebook and has a series of videos on YouTube.