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  • Genre:DRAMA
  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:296
  • eBook ISBN:9781543968507

9 Murder Mysteries: Volume 2

by Don Potter

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This is the second volume in a collection of short stories by Don Potter. These mysteries, like the first volume, are short, sweet, and deadly. The stories range from tales of the supernatural to premeditated murder in a variety of unsuspected situations. In the short time it takes to read each story you will wonder if such things could happen. And just when you think the ending is clear a twist of fate, a bump in the road, or an unexpected development is introduced. The result is a climax that is sure to surprise you nine times over.
9 Murder Mysteries: Volume 2 synopsis of stories HEAVEN - A man finds himself in a beautiful and serene place with no idea where he is or how he got there. As time goes on the character of the place changes and his dreams reveal more about his past until reality is finally found. MORTICIAN - A funeral director has a secret: he talks to the dead. His life changes when one of them talks back to him. The deceased sends him on a frantic mission to determine if she was murdered and, if so, who did it. EX - Linda and Jack seemed to be in love. He abruptly ended it. Jack reappeared after a 25 year absence and wants to rekindle the relationship. They spend a weekend together, a situation that can produce deadly results. STAR - The major league's leading hitter is in a batting slump. Many speculate as to the cause of the problem. One reporter digs into the matter and finds a troubling history that may somehow be connected with a series of murders. RETIRED - Harry is 82 and angry. His wife is gone, and the grown daughters do not care about him. He moves to a retirement home to make life easier. Boredom sets in, but he finds excitement by pursuing the role of vigilante. CHEF - Being a great chef requires special skills and creativity. The competition is fierce, particularly among the leading restaurant owners. How far will the top chef in New York go to remain on top? HITCHHIKER - Brian is a huge fan of Ted Bundy. He plans a cross-country trip and hopes to surpass the executed murder's record for kills during his first rampage. MAGIC - An illusion goes bad, resulting in the death a magician's assistant. Many suspects exist. It is up to the top homicide detective in Las Vegas to unravel the mystery and find the killer. CONFESSION - A priest hears a man's confession and is confronted by his own past sins. He is drawn into a bizarre plot calling for the murder of unknown pedophiles like him or risk being exposed or possibly lose his own life.
About the author
Don Potter loves murder mysteries almost as much as the advertising business. After a long career as an ad agency executive on Madison Avenue and later on the West Coast. he retired from the rat race. He then started to write novels. His latest book, 9 MURDER MYSTERIES Volume 2, is his sixth and the second collection of short stories. His full-length murder mystery novels include: THE ADMAN, MURDER ON MADISON AVENUE, SPIN MASTERS AND DEADLY HONEYMOON.