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  • SubGenre:Religious
  • Language:English
  • Pages:228
  • eBook ISBN:9781098305383
  • Paperback ISBN:9781098305376

18 Wheels A Rollin' ~

by Jeff Craw

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I had a Dentist once who I really liked. That was because he always told me I needed no work done and that my teeth were in really good shape. Dumb me, I believed him, even though I was not very diligent in my care of said teeth. Finally, I went to another Dentist who took one look at my teeth and almost fainted! $4000 later my teeth were on the road to recovery, and I have taken excellent care of them ever since. Saying to someone, "Everything looks great!" when you know that not to be true, is not an angelic thing to do, but rather it is actually the ultimate in dishonesty and betrayal. In Jeremiah 6:14, God Himself assailed His Priests saying; "They have treated My people's brokenness superficially, claiming, "Peace! Peace! - when there is no peace." The truth often hurts, as does true love. But true peace and joy are built on generous helpings of both truth and love. For better or worse, these literary efforts of mine are a mission to break through the "cultural crust" that seems to entomb so many churches, and to therefore let the sun shine in on truth and love, things which the church can often tend to strictly ration, and to serve up only at its own discretion. So bring along your mental and spiritual "pick axes" and let's see what we can uncover.
Ever had a "Root Canal"? I've had plenty, and what a blessing they were! They were a bit uncomfortable sometimes, but nothing like the pain that they relieved. Also, The Incredible Dr. Pol, (when he takes a break from birthing a calf) is usually lancing an abscess on some poor animal. And as the pressure is relieved, the pain subsides. Then, as the Dr. Pol states, relief is almost instantaneous. I confess I do, at times, envy Dentists and Vets for their gifted ability to quickly relieve pain. As a Pastor (and as a friend), helping to alleviate someone's pain is a much more daunting enterprise. It's not often easy or smooth, and it is often becomes a very lengthy road to travel. Hey, I'm a guy. We like to fix things as quickly and efficiently as possible. But a measure of maturity seems to come over us when we realize that there are times and situations in this life that are simply not microwaveable. Now when Jesus wields His sword of truth, a sword that is NOT meant to kill, but to cleanse and to renew, - the laceration that it administers releases an outward flow of all that we would cover up and fear, - all that we've sweep under the rug. And then all these crippling masses that have built up inside of us, - they are now discharged, giving off an offending aroma that is often enough to blow one into the next county. Rotting lies, arrogant pride, unfounded fears, crippling anxieties, and hollow prejudices all come pouring out, as the soul is then freed and allowed to breath once again. Ah! Clean air! And then laid out before us the welcoming arms of Peace, along with perhaps a "meet and greet" with Joy. My effort in these pages then, is a directed attempt to "lift up the rug" and see what's been swept under there, - what's swept out of sight by both you and by me individually, and by the Church in general. And then to use a kind of "Celestial Dyson" to suck it all out of there (like a Doctor would remove a tumor), then running these malignancies through a good cleansing in a sort of spiritual bath of 'baking soda, vinegar, and bleach". This all seems like a huge and humbling challenge I know, but that's my bold attempt here anyway. And as I learned from experience many, many years ago, "You don't know what you can do till you try." So bring it on! Let's have at it!
About the author
Jeff Craw is the son of one helluva Preacher and a very wise Mother. He is a graduate of Platt High School, Bridgton Academy, Springfield College, & Duke University Divinity School. He has always been just a bit controversial. He currently resides in Rhode Island with his exceptional wife, Wendy.