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  • SubGenre:Movements / Critical Theory
  • Language:English
  • Pages:164
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667829180

1 Minute 4 1 Moment

by Sonny Onken

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To ask someone to read a novel in today's world is a lot to ask, more than most are willing to consider. Understandably so, it would be shortsighted and borderline arrogant to write a novel and expect others to read it. In our world books are rarely appreciated yet social media has dominated our way of life. Important to many and an addiction to even more. In crafting this work, this wasn't just taken into account but the main premise for its creation. No matter how incredible something is, the attention span to give to something longer than a few minutes is often all but existent. Although one thing we've learned through a tweet, a meme or a Tik Tok is that sometimes we can have a beautiful moment in such a short time. Powerful moments stem in our lives from the three sections you'll find in "1 Minute 4 1 Moment." The sections Pursuit of Truth, Art of Skill and Love in Life all represent our greatest reasons to live. For the truth, for our honed skill/craft or for our love. When more truth is discovered, a skill is sharpened or when we find more love in life through a reason we never had before, we have a moment. One day, One minute, One moment at a time, steps are taken. Moments are given to understand more, to be more and to love more.
When we have an epiphany, a spark, the lightbulb goes off in our brain and the neurons connect. Although the love that rages within is a flame that can fuel anything with the potential to destroy everything else. With a new skill developed we become more efficient, the flow of our actions and movements become more precise and intricate. In the same way water can fill in any gaps or space, our skill emulates the same comparison for filling in our gaps. On the cover of the book, lighting, water and fire represent these possible moments and sections. The sections follow the elemental metaphors, truth in electricity, skill in water/flow and love in our hearts. Elements are powerful enough in themselves, a lightning storm, a flowing river or the fiery sun to inspire us when we look upon them. Within ourselves the spark of truth, the flow of skill, and the burning love we have are timeless concepts in life that are always beautiful and never lose value. A description of the book can be summarized as a tapestry of moments. Moments like a quilt where every individual piece matters but it's when they are combined it becomes something special. Moments happen not when things are right and wrong but when things are different but then become understood. Geniuses can be awkward and social savantes can be morons. One possessing knowledge the other possessing skill but rarely possesses both. Yet if you combine a skillful and knowledgeable person, often you end up with a psychopath because they have no love generated in themselves. Whether intelligence in truth, wisdom in skill or happiness in love these are all traits we should possess. Powerful moments of love can make a psychopath feel, powerful moments of truth can make a jock think and powerful moments of skill can help a genius maneuver in social interactions. "1 Minute 4 1 Moment" attempts to destroy barriers and create bridges in their place, through a plethora of perspectives and moments. Barriers must be broken or climbed, but bridges only require a connection. With empathic connection and intellectual understanding bridges are built, without pain of going against the grain when it comes to a barrier. The greatest bridge humans are capable of is language and written word. Our word is our life, but when we write it becomes our legacy, a bridge that can be walked upon by others even after our death. Built from legacy and life, written word and word, "1 Minute 4 1 Moment" is a collection of bridges that takes us to new places. These new places are to have moments we never could have in our own world.
About the author
Sonny Onken was a D1 college football player who graduated with honors and a 3.95 GPA. From a small town in Iowa many considered it his success, although he never did because he didn't do what he loved. Life was about the means before the end, the process carrying more weight than our result. Foolish for thinking otherwise, Sonny embarked in finding what he loved. His answer came to be in moments. Moments when we understand something new, develop a new technique for a skill, or love for a deeper reason than ever before. "1 Minute 4 1 Moment" is his first work and attempt at exchanging the two most vital variables in our lives, time and moments. Time is short with attention spans desensitized in our society yet moments in life have the ability to never be forgotten. Powerful moments exchanged in the short span of a minute, displayed and delivered like social media, "1 Minute 4 1 Moment" is unlike any book before it.