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Robert Mazerov
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My friends call me Bob. Please call me Bob.

I'm not simply telling this story, I lived it. I grew up on a standardbred racehorse farm in rural southern Ohio, much like the farm in The Last Horseman. I would arise early to go to the barns, feed the horses, brush them, clean their stalls, train them, and travel with my family as we raced the horses throughout the Midwest and Eastern U.S.

All my life I've loved writing, and I’m a sucker for a good story. After earning two degrees in Journalism at The Ohio State University (before it was 'The'), I started as a newspaper reporter. I put that part of my life on hold to build a successful career in marketing and advertising. Throughout the years, I never gave up on my passion for crafting a compelling story.

Today I live in a nondescript suburb of Denver with my wife, who is also a writer with her own book, "Summer Club". I always wear a sweater, never eat pickles, and I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. 

Frankly, I’m so commonplace it would be difficult for you to remember you met me, or to pick me out of a lineup. But I tell great stories, and after all, life is about the stories you live to tell.

So I'll let my stories speak for themselves.