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About the Author

Author Info

Dr. Nina Soyfer is a prize-winning poet and a prize-winning visual artist who created the Integrated Arts Method (TM) as part of her doctoral dissertation to teach her skills to others. Please visit www.iamethod.com for more details.

She has been writing since childhood in Russian, Ukrainian, and English.

Her works are passionate and inspired by real live events.

Over the past decade, Nina Soyfer released music and writing on all leading sites and streaming platforms, and can be easily found on iTunes, Amazon Music, and Kindle.

Piano career took through performing and recording Chopin, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, and Debussy. She loves to inspire all generations with classical music. Listen to it by searching album Radiant Classics.

Her music education took place in Europe and Canada, with leading musicians such as Christina Petrowska-Quilico, and many others.

Nina Soyfer is a prize-winning pianist, painter, musician, and composer who was born in Ukraine. Her style of composition ranges from classical to pop, and from minimalist to impressionistic. Her writing ranges from poetry, to prose, to point form psychological works, and of course lots of academic writing on education and music. Currently in progress are two new books, The Search for Ascension, and Perception Changer.

Most recent book Poems and Art is available online.

Poems and Art is a beautiful collection of professionally reproduced art works by the author, and poems in English and Russian. The work takes the reader through a journey from dark and lonely images and poetry to bright and joyful ones. As the author left her home country as a teenager and traveled to a new place, leaving her beloved and friends, she notated through mythology inspired poetry this journey. A dark start leading through a set of changes to light and finally enlightened joyous ending.


Check out songs on iTunes, Amazon music, and Spotify - Incomputable, Water and Melt.
Upcoming books and music albums are full of new ideas, contemporary modern sound, and enlightened heart felt expression.
Stay tuned for books:
The Search for Ascension
Perception Changer

And album:
All Inclusive Love

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Upcoming events and releases are posted on Instagram (@NinaSoyfer).

Please connect.

We are pleased to also offer workshops on new method of self-learning IAMethod(.com) and on music and movement. Please contact at nina@iamschool.ca

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