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About the Author

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My name is Michael F. Butchin. I was born to a family of scholars, musicians, actors, and singers. A Philadelphia native, I actually grew up in the South Jersey suburbs.

I attended Rutgers University, New Brunswick, from which I graduated with a degree in Chinese Language and Literature. I also attended graduate school, where I read for Early Childhood Education. After graduation, I lived in Taiwan for several years, where I worked as a kindergarten and Pre-K teacher during the day, and as an ESOL instructor at night. I have also traveled extensively in China. I currently reside in Beijing, where I still teach ESOL.

Having no family of my own, I write books, so as to have something to leave behind me when I die. I may have no children; but I have books. I may have no one to remember me, nor have I really much reason to be remembered, but for a while, perhaps, in the far future, someone might peruse my work, and remember me for a brief minute or two.

On the lighter side, I also daydream of a time in which I can support myself with my writing in a nice home in my native city, or at least a decent apartment in Europe or Scandinavia. Alas, that would require a lot more skill, talent, and drive than I presently possess. If anyone feels the compulsion to throw money at me, please do so by buying my books.