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Meet Dr. Leyland, an academic luminary and accomplished professional with a diverse educational background that complements their extensive career. Armed with a BA in Arts in Communication, MBA in Organizational Leadership, MIS in Cybersecurity, and a DBA in International Business, Dr. Leyland has fortified their intellectual arsenal with a comprehensive understanding of various disciplines.

As a Professor, Dean of Universities, TV Show Host, Podcast Host, and 2x International Best-Selling Author, Dr. Leyland seamlessly integrates their academic prowess with practical insights. Specializing in business, they have shared their wealth of knowledge with students through engaging lectures and innovative teaching methods, fostering critical thinking and intellectual curiosity.

Assuming leadership roles as a Dean of Universities, Dr. Leyland's visionary approach and effective management skills have not only nurtured academic excellence but have also created environments conducive to learning and research. Their impact extends beyond the classroom, attracting talented faculty and students from diverse backgrounds.

Recognizing the importance of knowledge dissemination, Dr. Leyland ventured into podcasting, becoming a dynamic Podcast Host. Their podcast serves as a global platform for intellectual exchange, bringing together experts to explore cutting-edge ideas and address critical issues. Simultaneously, Dr. Leyland is an internationally published author, with their works contributing significantly to the academic community.

Adding to their impressive academic journey, Dr. Leyland is currently pursuing an MIS in I/O Psychology, showcasing a commitment to further understanding the intricacies of organizational dynamics and human behavior in the workplace. This latest endeavor exemplifies their dedication to staying at the forefront of academic and professional advancements.

Dr. Leyland's academic foundation, leadership acumen, captivating podcasting skills, and impactful written contributions make them a respected and influential figure. Their ongoing pursuit of knowledge in MIS in I/O Psychology demonstrates a commitment to continuous growth and a keen understanding of the evolving landscape of academia and organizational psychology. As a publicity queen in both the academic and media spheres, Dr. Leyland's influence continues to transcend traditional boundaries, leaving an enduring mark on the intellectual and professional landscape.

Dr. Leyland has collaborated and written 8 books in total including the most recent anthology, Beyond Boundaries: Thriving in Life's Grey Zone.