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About the Author

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Widely considered the galaxy's foremost expert in the history of the State, and the era of The Fall, Logan has written several historical works on the subject. Now he turns that knowledge to a new effort — preserving the history in a new way.

Nothing says it better than his own words:

"Within this collection of writings, I have abandoned the trappings and conventions of scholarship. Although I have adhered to historical accuracy regarding the events — the correct dates, places, and outcomes — this is not another dry recitation. Instead, it is an elaboration, a work of fiction that I believe is closer to reality than a mere retelling of facts."

Logan is Dean of History at the University of Arcturus where he has been a faculty member since 2733. He is the Worth College's Director. From 2723–2728, he held the Samms Grennich Professorship for Excellence in History Education.

Logan completed his Ph.D. at Kennsington University and his undergraduate studies at New Cambridge University. His research interests lie in the era of before the Event, the rise of the State, and its subsequent fall. He has collaborated actively with researchers, archeologists, and several other disciplines of historical forensics, particularly document validation and media archiving of ancient video.

Logan is currently semi-retired and has begun a new career as a novelist, documenting the events of his era of study in the form of fictional novels.

His wife of fourty-two years, June, having passed away, Logan now lives alone on his farm on the outskirts of New City on Beta Prime, but he enjoys the company of his four children, and fourteen grand children.