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About the Author

Author Info

Lea Hope Bonzer was born and raised in Zagreb, Croatia. At age 24 and following her passion, life took Lea on a journey.

She found life in the USA, where she established a photography business and her family.

Lea is a mom of a 12-year-old daughter Tessa and nine years old boy, Matei.

Part of the family is also a five years old dog, Bubbles (goes by bubbles-troubles).

Lea loves to learn about people, life, and different cultures.

She loves to explore and travel to new places. 

Being a vast explorer and with a passion for converting details around us into motivational and inspirational photography art has led to the founding of Hope Decor.

If her days are not filled with kids' activities and enjoying times together,

and when kids are in school, she loves to spend moments active, preferably outdoors,

and mostly with Bubbles. And how we came across Hobsie.