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The author is challenging the reader to hypothesize that he is (as are we may all) an incarnate soul, in this case, of the man once known as Edgar Cayce, though he underlines how that isn't relevant except to himself.

The challenge doesn't end there, he goes on to postulate himself (as are all men) living and speaking for the very first man, Adam, an alleged infamous son that inherently had Paradise on his agenda, but also personally knew our universal parentage. Subsequently, Adam solemnly declares that none of this world's gods are in fact true or who they claim to be.

The author presents himself as a Brother to humanity, in a "take or leave it proposition" since he is not presenting as beyond the words in this book.

Like his ghost from the past, he is mostly self-educated, except for a few library science courses at University; he is also well-versed in the rationale of constitutional law, and a reluctant author "believe it or not."

He presents as someone who deeply understands that love doesn't function using the alleged usage of "forgiveness," as children often err as they mature and evolve. Love for him is clearly a matter of understanding, without compelling sorrow and vengeance, anger and wicked judgments... or demands of blood sacrifices or substitutes to endure Karmic debt on anyone's behalf. Reaping what we sow, remains in truth a very closed and private matter, no  transfers available.