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David A. Collier
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A native of Paris and Lexington, Kentucky, David A. Collier earned two degrees at the University of Kentucky before entering the corporate world. He later returned to academic life and earned his PhD from The Ohio State University. For forty-one years, he taught all levels of students as well as participants in executive programs within the business schools of Duke University, the University of Virginia, the Ohio State University, Florida Gulf Coast University, and the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom. As of 2022, his research has attracted over 37,000 reads and 4,000 citations according to ResearchGate.

After decades of authoring award winning research articles, business cases, and five college textbooks, he wanted a new challenge: writing novels that make a difference. I could have written a science fiction book series with no relevance to issues of the day, but I didn’t choose the easier path. The following quote embodies the approach I followed in past academic and novel work. “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” I hope you enjoy the stories in the book series, and they inspire you to protect our home planet, so future generations can enjoy its majesty. ​

The novel series is a story about what happens to humanity on Earth when climate change and intelligent robots converge. Who survives? 

  • ​What will life be like if global average temperatures increase 2, 4 or 8 degrees Celsius?
  • What will life be like if global sea levels increase 1, 10 or 70 meters?
  • What if both happen?

We must protect our home!​ Be AChampoid!

(see www.theentity.us; Search on Esty)

To find the answers read the science fiction book series

  • Earth's Ecocide: Hope 2147 (BookBaby and Amazon, 2022),
  • Earth's Ecocide: Desperation 2647 (Atmosphere Press, available June 13, 2023),
  • Earth's Ecocide: Extinction 3147 (coming in 2023-24).
  • Earth's Ecocide: CEVA (possible)​ 


Full FIVE-STAR Readers Favorite Reviews of Three Novel Series

Earth's Ecocide: Hope 2147 is a work of fiction in the science fiction and climate issues subgenres, and it forms part of the series of the same name. It is suitable for the general adult reading audience and was penned by author David A. Collier. In this debut novel about climate change and the disastrous future of a planet destroyed by intense shifts in temperature, we find  the people of Earth witnessing the arrival of a strange orb that promises them help. Exploring the themes of harmony between people and the planet, the story covers the destruction of the planet’s precious biosphere and follows a path of hope that some of these problems can someday be reversed.

Author David A. Collier is clearly extremely passionate about his subject matter and has taken great pains to ensure that this series-opening novel presents the issues of climate change in an exciting and engaging fashion that will entertain readers, but also set them on a path to better eco-education. As such, the conceptual issues in the plot are well-researched and well-handled, and the science fiction elements laid over the top become more believable because of this grounding in realism. I also really enjoyed the use of dialogue, both in the way that it characterized some very typically human attitudes that are echoed in the here and now, and how it was an effective means of moving the plot forward and breaking up larger blocks of prose. Overall, Earth's Ecocide: Hope 2147 is a fascinating work that fans of climate fiction will undoubtedly enjoy." —K.C. Finn, Readers Favorite 

The Earth’s Ecocide: Desperation 2647 (coming by January, 2023) by David A. Collier is an insightful, haunting work of science fiction for our times. Set in the year 2647, a mysterious entity comes to Earth to try to save the planet from itself--with climate change being the focal point. … This story unfolds through a Parisian family, and it is through them that we live this story and hope for their survival, and the survival of Earth's inhabitants. All of the familiar constructs have failed, and the future seems bleak, or non-existent.

Collier has created a compelling fictional look into Earth's future if climate change should continue on a course of destruction. The planet we live on may change so much that it can't sustain life as we know it. The author lays before his audience a scenario that is frightening, yet hopeful at the same time. This novel is full of intriguing characters, an irresistible plot, and rich detail. The dialogue is energetic, and the pacing is slow-burn at first, then builds toward suspense. Some science fiction stories are hard to relate to, but this one hits close to home. The characters are likable (Kutter, Vela, Livia, Dr. Hamlet, etc.), and face so much responsibility. And The Blue Orb plays a big part as well. Even if it is a what-if scenario, it really does make you stop and think about the future of our planet and the fate of the human race.

Sometimes it takes a work of fiction to understand the reality right in front of you. This novel should be a wake-up call to pay close attention to climate change, ecology, and the environment, and try to learn as much about it as we can. This novel by David A. Collier is more than a novel. It can effect change and influence hearts and minds. —Tammy Ruggles, Readers Favorite

No space for Earth's Ecocide: Extinction 3147 five-star Readers Favorite review.

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Earth's Ecocide: Desperation 2647 (Atmosphere Press, coming June 13, 2023) has tables in the back of the novel that summarize this vision of the novel series. Since the Word table does not fit this format, I summarized what's happening in each novel as follows.

Earth's Ecocide: Hope 2147 involves the Hickory family (Tom, Mattie, Ethan, and Jillian) who live in a world with over a one meter rise in global sea levels, a three degree Celsius (5.4 degree Fahrenheit) in global average temperature, with humanity barely coping with climate changes and its repercussions such as regional famine, moving smaller coastal cities, mass migrations and all hydroponic indoor farming, nuclear war threats, high climate change costs, and millions of plants, animals, and humans dying. The protagonists are the Hickory family and The Orb; the antagonists are climate change, the US Army, and the Worldwide Media.

Earth's Ecocide: Desperation 2647 (Atmosphere Press, coming June 13, 2023) involves the Paris family (Vela, Livia, Kutter, and home comfort robot NILA), The Orb, and Plato, who live in a world with eight meters of sea level rise and a five degree Celsius (nine degrees Fahrenheit) increase in global average temperatures. They live in a world where governments are collapsing, worldwide famine, moving big coastal cities, mass migration of hundreds of millions of people, wars over water, the rise of insects and disease, nuclear war threats, climate change costs to high too fund, and billions of plants, animal, and humans dying. The protagonists are the Paris family, Plato, and The Orb; the antagonists are climate change.the US government, and Doctor Hamlet.

Earth's Ecocide: Extinction 3147 (coming soon in 2023-24) involves the Torg family (Ula, Tan, Ato, Yot) who live in an underground city called Ridge City. The world's oceans have risen seventy meters and the heat on the Earth's surface (called the upside in the novel) is too hot for humans. DORG, the robot society leader of the Imperium, controls one-hundred percent of the upside. There are no human governments or institutions left on the upside, only 2,076 people left on Earth in Ridge City, the Imperium controls all nuclear weapons and Earth's resources, climate change costs are now unimportant, and the upside is filled with toxic water, oceans, and violent weather (i.e., Earth's biosphere is chaotic). The protagonists are the Torg family, Jax (dog), Koa, Plato, and intelligent robots STX and JORT, and The Orb; the antagonists are climate change, the Imperium robot society, and of course, the hated robot leader, DORG.

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