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Author's Bio: Bob Singer, DJ Soundman, Author and Editor of Lovelife Stories

Bob Singer, the author of Lovelife Stories, has followed an artistic career path, starting as an actor onstage, in film and television, followed by doing anything for a buck, eating in soup kitchens, and eventually winding up in as a roadie for musicians, and singing in two bands, Souperjazz and the Garden Party Dance Band.

These cultural community experiences led to a career as a professional audio engineer and live music concert producer. When gigs are slow, as in the winter, he enjoys writing short stories and film scripts. The goal is an artistic lifestyle, doing something creative every day.

 In the community, Bob enjoys entertaining people, and leading singsongs. Working with musicians, he meets all kinds, and he remembers them well, in these personal stories and memoirs, which were contributed by some friends he's met on the path of life. Lovelife Stories is a tribute to humanity, as seen through the eyes of people we meet on the road of life.