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Tom Schaumleffel is a hobby reseller of mainly sports cards and collectibles with an eBay store that has sold over 80,000 sports and non-sports cards as well as hundreds of sports memorabilia and collectibles worldwide just in the past few years. He started his collecting journey as a young child tagging along with his Dad and siblings to card shops and shows around the country.

He also played a variety of sports as a young man in baseball, football, basketball, soccer, and roller hockey, which kept his passion for sports burning hot. He continues to challenge his love of football by competing in a no holds bar family fantasy football league over the last decade, including securing a back-to-back family championship title.

He spends his days pouring over sports card and his nights as the friendly "ghost" watching over a luxury high rise building and the people inside. He lives just outside of Columbus, Ohio in the heart of the sports world tucked between Canton, Ohio where the NFL was founded and Cincinnati, Ohio where the first professional baseball team originated from. The Midwest has a long-storied history of sports, sports card shops, and sports card shows.


Pre-order for Generational Odyssey: A Father and Son's Journey from Hobby to Business starts 01/01/24!!!

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Book Launch on 02/29/24 for Generational Odyssey: A Father and Son's Journey from Hobby to Business.

The book launches on not just a leap year, but leap day!!!

"The extra day tacked on to every fourth year is a subtle admission that even something as regular and simple as a calendar can be more complicated than we think" - from History.com. (https://www.history.com/news/why-do-we-have-leap-year)

The layers in my book mirror the interesting complexity and reasoning behind leap day. 

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