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About the Author

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Prisha Hedau is a 10-year-old girl from Louisville, KY, USA. She wrote this book at the age of 9, Prisha is an Influencer, Author, Artist, and Tech Savvy girl who loves Writing, Math, Tech, & Dance. Prisha is a confident and fun-loving person with many talents since early childhood. She is an elementary student who holds USA state and USA national level ranking in Chess and Math Kangaroo competitions. Although Prisha thoroughly enjoy reading and academics, she believes that it is incredibly important to have a balance and fit lifestyle. She loves dancing in her free time and choreographs her own dances to publish in her YouTube channel. She likes to play with her friends, goes to the local parks, and spend time with the family. Her parents (Raj Hedau and Rachana Pandey) support her passion and encourages her to showcase her talents and public speaking skills using social media platforms that they monitor closely. She is a visionary little girl with a desire to serve communities in many forms and believes that kids have a big role in shaping the future of this world. Prisha encourages other kids to follow their dreams as well. 

Prisha started by writing daily notes to remember her experience during pandemic 2020. Her parents suggested her to start writing essay instead of just note cards. Soon she became interested in writing small chapters that eventually turned into a book. She wanted to write this book to share with others the useful tips for online school, hobbies, and healthy habits. Most importantly, she wanted to share her perspective by writing this book as a memory that can be referred to in the future because a book is the most valuable object for reference and something special that one can ever receive.

PANDEMIC 2020 – A 9 Year Old’s Perspective book is an informative, honest, heart-felt, and emotional memoir/handbook that is useful to a wide range of readers. Prisha shares her tips on how to adjust to the Covid-19 pandemic by providing Practical Tips for Online School, Hobbies, and Healthy Habits. This book offers useful advice and tells a fun narrative that helps the reader imagine the life of the almost-ten-year-old girl sitting down to write this story. By using this memoir/guide, all readers can find success and happiness during these most difficult, strange, and trying times. There are times in life that will not always go as planned. This is one of those times - Accept and Embrace. Let the future come our way !

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