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Sharon Pearce graduated from Midwestern Broadcasting School, Chicago, IL at age 20, obtaining an FM Third Class Engineers License; and entered broadcasting as an all-around radio voice, news gatherer and reporter, weather reporter, commercial writer and FM Music DJ and Programmer. She worked as sole personnel on the FM night shift of an AM/FM radio station in downstate Illinois. At 23 she became the Feature News Editor of the Naperville IL edition of the Aurora Beacon News, a Copley newspaper.

She relocated to Los Angeles where she studied voice and singing, developed accent and dialect skills, and performed in stage plays and entertainments. She attended Los Angeles City College and California State University at L.A. where she earned a BA in Theater Arts. She wrote a number of one-act plays, and a three-act play.

In 2014 she studied astrology more formally, and began writing about it in 2016. She began posting writing to the free publishing online site, Booksie.com, in 2016. Under her name as author there can be found serious essays on politics and culture, as well as travel articles and focused writing on housing needs in America and homelessness.

In 2019 she originated and published bimonthly an innovative free newspaper, NEWSCIE, covering the North Delta of Central California, the West Coast and Pacific Rim. She was content writer, editor, photographer, publisher, and advertising manager. Its website https://spnews-cie.squarespace.com operated from 2028-2021. She also designs calendars and gas/travel logs.

In 2023 she became a local contract journalist for mpg8.com, Messenger Publishing Group, covering public interest for four to five newspapers in the Sacramento, CA area.  She is readying an election year podcast to focus on south central California congressional races through the year of 2024, plus other comments on culture and politics.

Orchid Said It at the Time, is a fun entry level introduction to aspects of planets in astrological transits relating to planets in charts of nations, leaders and incidents in the world, narrated by fictional Orchid Whitestone, with some whimsy. It is a light read for bedside or travel of a subject finding a growing readership.  Ms Pearce writes light humor, as well as seriously on politics and culture. She feels she is an essayist…and also a whimseyist!

She has also created the character of Aunt Twerpy Van Twerple, a mystical +400 year-old Dutch muse who walks the country teaching of the original, vast contributions of the Dutch to making America what it became.  A work in progress, she appears in short video recordings at Ms. Pearce's Facebook page.


See the FB link, lower left, Links, Author reads a 58-second excerpt.

Orchid Said It at the Time Orchid Whitestone, fictional mundane astrologer writes:

“We must all know how to nurture ourselves now that we know our DNA is a huge factor of our wellness!  If Neptune rules toxic medicine, what could you expect then but deception, lies, videotape, deprivation and confusion along with fancy, illusion, and hallucination from the medical circus?”  Orchid Said It at the Time, Ch. 14:  You Don’t Have to be An Ath About It (written pre-Covid in 2016)

I am Sharon Pearce, author of Orchid Said It at the Time, a quick read of the world via Mundane Astrology.  Please request your bookshop carry this book as Mundane Astrology is a topic people are growing more interested in.  So much is happening that is forecast in the sky.

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Mundane Astrology in a light read learning format.  Fictional characters and a homey setting allow readers to become comfortable with the broad terms of astrology of topical interest, meaning in the day-to-day world.  Mundane astrology was the first astrology authorized by kings and queens for themselves their nations, and thus, it became astrology for their subjects.  Eventually more persons became learned in the art, and could customize readings for individuals.  But Mundane Astrology is considered the first astrology for other than seafarers and travelers.

*        *        *

M U N D A N E   A S T R O L O G Y

ISBN   9781667819105      POD       eISBN 9781667819112            152 Pages of Text

Orchid Said It at the Time

  • Glossy & swift read of mainly 2-3 page chapters
  • Great travel book
  • Keep at bedside

Topics cover culture and politics

Orchid Said It at the Time

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Orchid Said It at the Time

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Orchid, the fictional researcher and mundane astrologer, reflects on issues and birth charts of nations, events, conditions and public figures with her unusual candor.  Orchid, reveals her amusing family, and clients, who seek help from a quirky, humorous and devoted fictional astrologer, predicting global events and outcomes. 

Orchid invites you to read an excerpt of 10 pages at - Read more