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Since I was young, I have always been inspired by music from school performances, summer camp at the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center in Miami, my local church Universal Truth Center in Miami Gardens, & family gatherings/events. I started as a singer in choir and chorus then later progressed to music in middle school performing arts center at Parkway then at Miramar High. I graduated from Florida A&M University magnum cum laude with a bachelor's Degree in Music with a concentration in piano and voice in 2012. My music is based on concepts and principles of duality, time, and self-identity pathways. In growing up classical music greatly inspired me from Bach, Beethoven, Hannon, and Chopin. The music I create seeks to express the ideas around balance and duality to uncover the true meaning of life using tonal ideology and self-discovery. My vision and mission is to create a higher level of music artistry that is created with music reading and listening components. At the current stage, I believe the world is not yet ready for a musical perspective like mine but my goal in life is to fully commit myself to using my gifts, abilities, and talents to show the world balance between the heart & mind. This is my strategy to build communities with unity, heritage, and love to teach our society better ways to understand and communicate effectively with each other.


Musical Duality between space and time is the final pathway of balance between heart & mind. "TimeSpace" New single coming 01-22-2024 on all streaming & music platforms.

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NEW MUSIC RELEASE 01/22/24: "TimeSpace"

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