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My wife and I married in 1975. We have four children, and seven grandchildren. I have ministered for nearly four decades now in a home fellowship setting. Some titles of the fifteen books I have authored include "Suffering and the Saints", "Marriage and Divorce: What does the Bible really say?" and "Revelation". I have also composed about 100 songs and have produced teaching series on various topics. Background: The home of my youth was devoted to Jesus; at the same time, our lives were completely unconnected with church religion. Without my realizing it, that setting made me an alien to the religious world that most believers know. Twice a month, on Sunday afternoons, my parents would gather in a home to worship with a few others, while we children played outside or sat with the adults in the prayer meeting, as we chose. Beyond that, every Sunday morning, my father read the Bible with the family, sang a song or two, and finally, knelt with us to pray. That was the extent of my boyhood corporate worship experience. In daily life, faith in Jesus sustained and preserved us, and godliness was the expected standard. So foreign to me was the Christian religious system that after I graduated from college, when my father suggested that I attend a seminary, I had no idea what a seminary was. Being "led into all truth" by the Spirit was the only education in spiritual matters that I was aware of, but he felt the seminary experience would benefit me. And it did. Still, my elders' way of living and of worship taught me to look to Jesus to guide my heart and shape my thoughts. How well I learned that lesson, I leave to the judgment of others.