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Jenarie Davis-Middleton
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Jenarie Davis-Middleton lives in the beautiful Sunshine State of Florida, along with her husband and five children. She bears a distinctively catchy name, which is/and most often miss pronounced. There was never a dull moment when it came to explaining her name to her peers. One day she figured out a new way to explain to people who had trouble pronouncing her name with a form of laughter and cheerfulness. Jenarie, is pronounced like “Canary Bird,” with a J. Can you say it now? 

When Jenarie was a young grade school student, she had a difficult time conveying her words properly. She was awkward in her writing prompt delivery and could barley formulate a sentence to engage her audience. Eventually, this pattern became continuous and stayed with her, following her as she entered college. 
 In time, she began to experience hardships that plagued the course of her young adult years. She went on to endure every toil that gave her much trouble. What she experienced would normally deter someone. However, what might deter them; amplified her growth. The greatest hardship she’s faced thus far has been her surviving Breast Cancer. In her own right and with much respect, she came out of that battle with newfound strength. 
Jenarie has been able to forge ahead with the aptitude to express her words with a clear purpose. She has discovered that her writing can also inspire anyone at any age to become reader leaders. Her potential as a writer has most recently been described as being promising. With her use of keen detail in her creative writing storytelling, Jenarie’s ultimate goal is to be able to engage, uplift and encourage her audience to become the best versions of themselves. Her life encompasses greatness and she’s working on building persistence to continue to bring people closer together with each book she publishes. 


As I await the launch of my book, “How To Play Basketball The Fun Way,” I am full of joy and excitement. As a reader, you will be pulled in with every detail of what our book has to offer. You will be intrigued to flip each page. You will also gain knowledge of life and learn the game of basketball. Stay Tuned! 

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