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My Credo

I have tried to live my life guided by the timeless core values of hard work, integrity, thoughtfulness, modesty, love, and service to others. As I look back in time, the meaning of my life becomes clearer than it has ever been. My trusted anchors in stormy seas have always been the seven Christian virtues. Such core values define me; they are the polished facets of my Diamond Soul character. And I hope that after I’m gone, people will remember me for them. 

As I look back to my past, I see the good Lord has mightily rewarded me with his blessings: a long and meaningful life, a loving family, and the health to stay active in retirement. To me, this means that His pre-ordained plans for me have been actually realized into my destiny. 


"Build your Christlike Diamond Soul Character first, then watch your God-ordained destiny unfold before your very eyes."


The phrase above is my credo I would like to share with other believers and the public at large. I do this by writing about moral character improvement and enriching the personal and spiritual lives of people like you. I also write about leadership, particularly its highest form called servant leadership. My goal as a Christian self-help author is to help fellow men and women to succeed in their quest for personal and spiritual development. My newly-released book The Diamond Soul – 5 Stepping Stones to Christlike Character is the first in a series of three volumes dedicated to this cause.


Brief Bio

I am a retired professional engineer and business executive with over forty-five years of experience in business leadership, project management, and technology development. I have a multi-cultural background and international business experience. In my professional life, I was a successful facilitator of technical collaboration and technology transfer programs and the formation of business partnerships. During my later years, I had been mentoring young leaders with a particular focus on developing a solid moral character, enhancing the effectiveness of human relations, and application of correct principles of leadership in business settings.  

I received a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University Politehnica in Bucharest, Romania. After working for a few years in my native country, I moved to West Germany, then immigrated to Canada in 1974. In the beginning, I held senior positions with several engineering companies, and in 1991 I started my own consulting firm in Toronto, Ontario. My company was involved in consulting engineering, turn-key industrial automation projects, and R&D in high-technology. Later on, I moved to the US to become a founding director and executive officer of the Casmyn Vector Group of Sparks, NV. From the mid-nineties until my retirement, I provided consulting engineering and project management services to Hershey Corporation of Hershey, PA.

I am a licensed Professional Engineer (ret) in the US and Canada, a retired member of several professional organizations, and a life member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. I received several awards from professional organizations and other entities.

My writing interests focus on the importance of faith in contemporary America, the history of Christianity, the meaning of life, ethics and morality, and the application of the latest scientific findings in human behavior.

I live with my wife Mara, also a writer, in Hershey, PA. I have two grown-up sons and one grandson.


I am pleased to announce that the hard-cover version of my book The Diamond Soul: 5 Stepping Stones to Christlike Character will be available for purchase from this store and on Amazon in one week.

September 15, 2020


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My book The Diamond Soul: 5 Stepping Stones to Christlike Character has received 5-star reviews from the professionals at Readers Favorite.

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