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Elizabeth Connell
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Elizabeth was born in Nova Scotia to a large family. Reading became her favorite pastime; opening her eyes to a whole world in this time before television. The day the Bookmobile visited her little country school were special. Marriage and children were fulfilling and she worked in banking and real estate over the years. A new hobby in Ancestry fed her love of history - what was happening in Great Britain and Ireland that caused her ancestors to emigrate? After retiring, she pursued her interest in writing and traveling. She is striving to complete The Coletrane Series of three novels, which is taking longer than expected! 


I like the cover for The Intrigue - it has a brooding feeling to represent the danger of war.

As far as book 3 of The Coletrane Series, The Hope has languished during the pandemic, but I'm now on a push to finish it before the end of the year. Oops! didn't make that deadline! I'm in the editing phase now.

I'm thinking of changing the name to: The Hope House, since it includes setting up an orphanage. Time: 1816 in London.

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Here we are in 2023 already! I must admit that I have taken a long break from my writing since the Corvid epidemic came.

The third book of my series is called "The Hope". I have finished the story, but it needs lots more work before I publish it.

I love the story, which starts with a long honeymoon trip for the Coletranes. 

Perhaps this year will allow me to do it!! Thank you for all your support over the years.

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