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About the Author

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Anne M. Arceneaux is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, but has lived in cities in Illinois and Texas, moving back to Louisiana in recent years. Not only has she lived in a variety of communities, she has also worked in several different fields. Anne attributes her array of experiences to be the knowledge base she taps into for inspiring her writing. To sum up the wealth of careers Anne has had would start out with a young cosmetologist managing her business while working to achieve her degree in Accounting, with three children. She has worked in the accounting field, done sales for a large food corporation, and done lab testing at an oil and gas company. Anne spent over a decade in several facets of the field of education where she encountered students who reminded her of herself as a youngster. This allowed her to connect with them on an empathetic level. Such empathy has contributed to her success as an educator. Recently, her education skills have been married with her love of writing to foster Anne's latest endeavor. She is currently writing curriculum supports for a documentary produced at the public television station in her area.

Her personal journey has also been varied. The good times have been many, but so have the difficulties. Her focus has remained on the good times, while keeping the bad ones in her toolbox, to infiltrate passion into her literary pieces. In addition to reading, writing, and drawing, Anne feels most free when traveling -something she thoroughly enjoys. Family has remained statically the number one joy for Anne as she is a doting mother, daughter, sister, auntie, great aunt, and grandmother.

Because of her aptitudes being chaotically vast, you will find Anne writing on a multitude of topics. While residing in Texas, after proofing the work of an author friend, she asked him to look over her writing. He made a suggestion to her on how to handle her poetry. It gave her the idea for a poem that eventually turned into a short story for children, becoming her first published work, "A Horse named Tuni." (copy & paste the following URL into your browser) https://youtu.be/cQE1U9g2onI

The newly published, "Acrimony Passion & Peace" is a collection of literary works birthed through the healing process of her divorce. Anne is also working on a novel that will follow the generations of a Louisiana family from the 1700s until modern times, with a few surprises in it.

(copy & paste the following URL into your browser) https://youtu.be/cQE1U9g2onI