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E. Allen Griggs, M.D., J.D. is a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute, the University of Virginia School of Medicine, the Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Indiana University School of Law. A pathologist and attorney, he practices addiction medicine and forensics.

He is the author of numerous medical and legal publications and is writing a Methamphetamine Recovery Manual.

He is a private pilot and lives in Bloomington, Indiana with his wife, Kate, a living-kidney donor. They have two Brittany spaniels and a cat named Square.


The news is good -- addiction can be conquered! 

If you are concerned about addictive behavior -- by your family, friends, co-workers or yourself -- then you must understand addiction and the effects it has on these people. In this manual, Dr. Griggs provides the current medical model for addiction. It is not a moral failure, but a medical disease like cancer, heart disease or diabetes, that responds to treatment. Addiction of all types is now understood as a genetic brain disorder.

Using this manual, you will understand the addictive drugs, how one becomes addicted to them, and suffers their consequences. Stories of typical patients illustrate the slippery slope they take down the hill into the thicket of drugs and lose their way. Dr. Griggs provides a proven recovery plan and walks with you on the path out of the wilderness of addiction.

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A forthcoming Addiction Recovery Box Set will include the original Addiction Recovery Manual as well as recovery manuals for methamphetamine, alcohol, pain pills; and a workbook.

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On the way are YouTube tutorials, Podcasts and Audiobooks.

My books are about people who conquer addiction - share your stories on my links!

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