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  • SubGenre:Inspiration & Personal Growth
  • Language:English
  • Pages:400
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543962185

The Zen of Solo Travel

A Journey from Anxiety to Enlightenment

by Michael Sherman

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THE ZEN OF SOLO TRAVEL is a book about the healing power of motion. Author Michael Jason Sherman presents a fast-moving, powerful and often hilarious memoir about a solo journey he took to Japan, when he was seeking spiritual answers to real questions in his life - about marriage and divorce, fatherhood, career, emotional well-being and living one's personal destiny. The book is both a revealing story about a man seeking a higher version of himself, but also a series of spiritual principles about the "Solo Traveler", a metaphor for all of us moving through the emotional journey of our daily lives. This unique book is "mirroring" itself - in that through reading, we learn about powerful principles from the world of Zen, Aikido, and other spiritual teachings, as we watch Michael discover these principles as he races around the subways, Buddhist temples, baseball stadiums, karaoke bars and other mystifying environs of Tokyo, Kyoto and other parts, discovering the secrets of Japan. For all the spiritual seekers out there, this book will help you connect to the larger landscape of yourselves. Through Michael's frenetic, reflective, and often side-splittingly funny narrative, the reader is able to imagine their own "solo journey," It brings us back to ourselves, and to the movement that our spirit is calling us to. THE ZEN OF SOLO TRAVEL has inspired people from all over the world to pack their bags, jump in the car (or hop on a plane, train, uber and so on), in order to leave everything behind and connect to the healing power of the road. Inspired by Kerouac and other great writers, this book helps you feel alive, giving you the sense that the answers you need about real issues in your life can come to you through a meditation of motion that takes you away from your day-to-day situations. It a testament to what it means to take responsibility for our own healing journey, from the inside out.


THE ZEN OF SOLO TRAVEL is for those of us who are seeking spiritual solutions to real-life problems. In this book, it comes through the healing power of the road. Michael Jason Sherman takes us right from the drop-off point at LaGuardia Airport where he leaves behind a troubled marriage to find answers about his life in a ten-day sprint across Japan. Facing personal issues about fatherhood, mental illness, career direction and personal identity, we follow Michael down through the subways of Tokyo, the Buddhist Temples of Kamakura, Karoake bars of Sendai and the Zen Rock gardens of Kyoto, as he soaks up every moment of a solo journey to Japan that gets under his skin and awakens his soul. This book is both a memoir and a meditation of motion. Each chapter is introduced with a passage of spiritual principles for the "solo traveler" - a role we take on when we leave everything behind for a little while, but also as a kind of living metaphor for learning about the emotional journey that we must all take in our lives. In the book, we follow Michael on a solo to Tokyo. We move through wild and cosmic inner dialogue as he chases the next bullet train towards a personal awakening. With a fascinating and often hilarious narrative that comes alive like a one-man show, THE ZEN OF SOLO TRAVEL helps us to connect to our own journey - leaving behind our past, coming to make peace with our present, and discovering a deep knowing that the future will bring forth magic and power and light.  The pace is sometimes manic, other times reflective, but always relatable, honest, authentic, inspiring, vulnerable and real. THE ZEN OF SOLO TRAVEL is loaded with enlightening philosophy drawn from the worlds of Zen, Aikido, Jewish Mysticism, the hero's journey monomyth and other spiritually based studies. It is a modern text with ancient principles, providing us with insight about how we can revitalize and redeem the most important relationship we will ever have - the one with ourselves. Whether or not you are ready to travel solo, THE ZEN OF SOLO TRAVEL will awaken your soul. It is a testament to the integration of learnings from great writers and artists like Jack Kerouac, who took to the road to experience its healing mysticism. In this book, Michael shows us that we all can channel the Kerouac within us, temporarily taking ourselves and all our issues and dilemmas somewhere away from home (or work, or the therapy office or what have you), where we are able to create new and inspired life for a little while. We learn that there is much more to us than our frustrations and issues. We discover that there are undiscovered parts of ourselves waiting for us out there, and all we have to do is say "Yes!" to the adventure. This book helps us understand that there is a structure to a spiritual journey, and that by watching one man's solo unfold in a new land, we too can move through to such a trip in a way that brings us to a new identity on the other side. In this way, THE ZEN OF SOLO TRAVEL is as much about who we become when we return from our journey, as it is about what it takes to leave everything behind. If you are someone who loves to read about psychology and spirituality, who loves travel and the possibility of using travel as a means of personal awakening, who wants to find innovative and inspiring answers to problems that keep us frozen, then you will want to read this book. It takes you through one man's journey through seemingly impossible change, towards a satisfying integration with spirit.  It will not only bring you hope. It will make you feel alive!  Thank you. And always remember to keep it moving...

About the author
Michael Jason Sherman is an author, professional counselor and workshop leader. Since 2012, he has been teaching his clients and students from all over the world to experience the healing power of the road as a method of personal healing and transformation. In his book, THE ZEN OF SOLO TRAVEL: A JOURNEY FROM ANXIETY TO ENLIGHTENMENT, Michael shares with us his story of a life-changing solo journey to Japan, where he moved through dark issues surrounding his childhood, mental illness, addiction, fatherhood, marital conflict, and his identity as a man in this world. THE ZEN OF SOLO TRAVEL is really two books in one, as each chapter of this spiritual memoir is introduced by a thought provoking passage about what it means to be a "solo traveler" - both as a person seeking redemption, clarity and wisdom by going somewhere by themselves, but also as a metaphor for the emotional journey that we all must take in our lives. As an author, Michael draws stylistically from the Beat Generation of poets and other road-worthy writers such as Jack Kerouac and Hunter S. Thompson. He puts his best and most vulnerable foot forward in sharing his personal journey to Japan with exciting, breathtaking and often hilarious writing, squeezing every inch of exhilarating learning and experience of this solo journey into a searing, comic masterpiece. The publication of the book led to the development of an healing integration process within the realm of professional counseling practice. In sharing the insights of the book with those he worked with, he began helping people to take to the road and leave everything (and everyone) behind for a little while. The work began in the New York / New Jersey area, but the journeys went farther. Some took short trips away from home, others took to the air and traveled to other parts of the US and the world, all seeking a kind of inner knowing about their desire to create change that was eluding them in the confines of their daily lives and relationship patterns. Not only did these people experience extraordinary breakthroughs during their private adventures somewhere out there, but many of them returned feeling empowered and ready to make significant life changes, such as leaving a partner or a job, starting a new business or artistic practice, or simply enjoying a renewed and integrated relationship with oneself. As a counselor and teacher, Michael draws from his background in martial arts, as well as his extensive spiritual study and life lived abroad in places such as Europe and the Middle East, to convey meaning about how to work with healing momentum --- the kind of inner wisdom that comes to us through the practice of solo travel as a way to continually reconnect to nature and who we really are. As an author, he has a way of creating meaning out of the tiniest details that awaken our minds and warm our souls. "I learned to Solo Travel through Michael. Since then, I live a life with no regrets. This book will inspire you to do the same. You'll keep moving back to it." - Kerry Potter, Radio Show Host / WRCR New York. Michael works with individuals, couples, professional leaders, conferences and groups from around the world. He teaches ongoing online workshops, including his SOLO TRAVEL AWAKENING intensives, which teach people how to design their own healing and transformational solo journey. His counseling, consulting and training focuses on helping us to understand our patterns of negative emotional reactivity, and how to move through them into a new level of well-being in life and work. You can learn more about Michael and his work at his website: www.MichaelJasonSherman.com. Thanks for reading. And always remember to keep it moving......