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  • SubGenre:Parenting / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:390
  • eBook ISBN:9798350938821
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350938814

You're Getting Bumped

by Kelly D. Wilson

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Barbara Kelly and Dale Wilson were destined to unite. How could a person feel otherwise when their family histories wove through WWI, The Great Depression and WWII, before fate allowed them to meet? They were a frenzy of contrasts. None of it mattered. Their differences were glue, binding them together instead of forcing them apart. What was it about this unlikely couple that allowed them to create and raise 13 successful children through the upheaval of an evolving America? The answers are a revelation.
The stirring histories of the Kelly & Wilson families are revealed over nearly a century. The first 40 years come to life through the stories of those who lived, loved, and survived the devastation of World War I, the Great Depression and World War II. The author breathes life into their memories, adding color to faded snapshots resting in untended boxes and lonely desk drawers. The spirit of the two families merge when Dale Wilson and Barbara Kelly meet in Joplin, Missouri during World War II. Their relationship is doubted, discouraged, and tested through adversity. It is generally believed that Dale and Barbara are a frenzy of contrasts, totally unsuited for one another. He was quiet and withdrawn—she, engaging and ebullient. He was closed off—she, an open book. He practiced no religion—she was a staunch Catholic. He created distance from others—she was a beacon of acceptance for all. None of it mattered. Their differences were glue, binding them together instead of forcing them apart. They raise thirteen successful children in an America rife with change. The middle class evolves, a war in Korea stalemates, Beatniks give way to Hippies protesting the Viet Nam War—while revolutions in music and customs challenge both children and parents. Their story will inspire you. The journey is its own reward.
About the author
Kelly D. Wilson is a U.S. Army veteran, college graduate, former sales manager for an oilfield products manufacturing company, a racehorse handicapper and writer. His most important skills involve observing and remembering—qualities that turned the expression of a life journey into the essence of "You're Getting Bumped."