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  • Genre:MEDICAL
  • SubGenre:Alternative & Complementary Medicine
  • Language:English
  • Pages:160
  • eBook ISBN:9781098369064
  • Paperback ISBN:9781098369057

Your Piece in Your Health Puzzle

by Kathleen Carson

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This is a book to help those wanting to get better by offering tools and techniques to help themselves. It was written for my patients undergoing treatment for TMJ, facial pain, and sleep disordered breathing issues as an important adjunct to their treatment within my office. I have seen vastly improved results and have helped many other people outside my office improve their overall health and well being, not just those I treat for pain and sleep. If you want to thrive, you alone hold that key.
I am a practitioner who treats patients for TMJ issues, sleep disordered breathing issues, pain issues, and all dental issues. We have many tools in our office to help reduce pain and inflammation, improve sleep and function, and "treat" many of the problems that people present with. This book is a way for you to help yourself improve outside of our tools; there are ways to help address the underlying issues that are causing these problems. This book provides education, tools, techniques, exercises - a variety of ways you can help yourself. Healthy breathing, home care exercises, ways to improve sleep, nutrition & supplements, among other topics presented in this book provide you with actionable steps you can take today. While this book was written with our patients in mind, it is full of significant information that can really help ANYONE improve their overall health and well being. I also consider this a great source for preventative care - my biggest successes are helping people to NOT need my services. "Kathleen Carson is my go to TMJ and sleep specialist on the West Coast. She has integrated a wealth of knowledge on airway, pain, sleep, and breathing." M. Gelb, DMD; The Gelb Center
About the author
Kathleen Carson, DDS, has been providing airway centric dentistry to patients in Los Angeles and surrounding areas for 15 years. Dr. Carson has extensive knowledge of the airway, and its intimate connection with the development of the orofacial structure. She strives to educate other medical professionals on ways to help their own patients who suffer from airway disorders, which have reached epidemic proportions in our society today. As medical professionals, we should recognize these health struggles that our patients present, and provide the best treatment, beginning with noninvasive methods proven to work. Her educational seminars help dentists and other medical professionals understand the importance of airway management, as well as offer useful treatment options that you can put into place within your own practice. If you want what is best for your patients, then Dr. Carson is the catalyst in helping you achieve that vision. Dr. Carson graduated cum laude from the UCLA School of Dentistry in 2001 and served a general practice residency with the Veterans Administration in Sepulveda. Dr. Carson earned her fellowship in neuromuscular/physiolgic dentistry as well as in Buteyko Breathing. She serves on the board of the AAPMD (American Academy of Physiologic Medicine and Dentistry) and is a clinical advisor for Vivos Therapeutics. Dr. Carson and her team take numerous continuing education programs every year to keep up to date with science, technology, and exceptional patient care.