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  • SubGenre:Healing / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:442
  • Format:Paperback
  • eBook ISBN:9781667854182
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667854175

Your Life Your Choice Let the Healing Begin a Journey of Dis-ease to Ease

Healing Holistically of Pancreatic Cancer

by Kelly M. Lang and Amy M. Lang

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Found inside of this book are a collection of writings from Kelly's daily life during her seven-year season of illness during her young adult life, ages 18-25 years old. Read her journal entries--her thoughts and prayers and conversations she had with her Papa God, and conversations with various all-natural and alternative healthcare people, friends, and family. Also, meet Kelly's pets who faithfully walk along side of her, enhancing her daily life!
During her seven-year season of ill health, Kelly Lang had journaled on a daily basis. These journals are part of "Your Life Your Choice Let the Healing Begin..." as she candidly shares her life! Hear stories from her childhood, meet her pets--companions, and read conversations she had with alternative healthcare people, family, and friends. "My story is raw and personal. That's about as real as it gets!" There are no words to describe the physical pain involved with having pancreatic cancer. Mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, these are real battles happening in all illness. Kelly faithfully takes steps in finding help for eliminating her left-side pain, which ultimately is proven to be pancreatic cancer. Her long journey in healing gifted her with gaining humility, patience, faithfulness, and compassion. Kelly calls these, "Gifts of Pain. God uses pain to grow us into better humans. It's a choice, though, to grow or to stay the same--being stuck or living in fear!" As one steps into Kelly's world, from are 18 years old at the onset of her health challenge, to 25 years old with a clean bill of health, there's sure to be some surprises one didn't see coming! Enjoy Kelly and her mom's stories as they wade through deep waters during Kelly's healing journey. "Papa God", as Kelly calls Him, is all over in this book--having conversations with Kelly and guiding her along the way. Learn some health tips too, from one health-nut to another!
About the author
Kelly Lang was born and raised in Minnesota, USA. She is a young entrepreneur and an outdoors woman living and working in the prairielands of western Minnesota. Having overcome pancreatic cancer all-naturally, her interests include researching anything concerning all-natural approaches to health and living, growing organic fruits and vegetables, living a simple life with less "stuff", and finding adventures out in nature! Kelly started her own business, "Helping Hands Therapeutic Massage & Body Work" during the first years of her illness and continues to grow her business as a Massage Therapist and as a Health Coach. Her goals: Be true to self! Live authentically! Live simplistically! Enjoy nature! Be kind to animals!
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