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  • SubGenre:Corruption & Misconduct
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Volume -1 2021: With Click-able Refences!
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:300
  • eBook ISBN:9798350914535


2021 Prather Point Podcast Transcripts

by Jeffrey Prather

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WHEN AMERICA FELL, is the premier volume of Major Prather's popular Prather Point podcasts. The major's fire hose delivery of ruthless truth, unmasking government cover ups, covert ops, and explaining what is really happening to us, our nation and world, is seamlessly transcribed, and referenced by careful listener, and master researcher Sean Ryan, who provides endless clickable references to enhance patriots access to the Major's myriad of mentioned news, events, articles, books, and films.
In 2021 the Prather Point was viewed almost two million times on https://JeffreyPrather.com alone. Global podcast service Buzz Sprout, placed me in in their top five percent for 2022. Folks fell in love with my no nonsense, fact-filled, analytical, information intelligence. They loved that my talks were based upon my faith, and my long years in special operations, psychological operations, Army Special Forces, military intelligence, and as a federal special agent. My experience as a rape orphan, martial arts master, firearms instructor, and initiate into traditional Apache culture did not hurt. And of course my bitter personal experience of betrayal, as a whistle blower mirrored General Flynn's and President Trump's. The only, and common, complaint was my podcasts were like trying to drink from a fire hose! I know. I speak fast. Prather Point followers wanted to be able to look up, watch, read, study and most importantly, verify the stream of quotes, films, books, articles, history and current events, I reference at full auto speed. Many of my students have been with me for decades. They have literally boxes of notebooks, taken during my seminars, classes, lectures, intensive, sermons and courses. I so appreciate you all listening, seeing, supporting and praying for me, my family and Team America. I love that you love my content. So here is my first collection of Prather Point podcast transcripts. With complete, easy to access, click-able references.
About the author
Major Jeffrey Prather is a retired, military intelligence soldier, who served in 4th Psyops Group and 7th Special Forces. He served for decades in the Defense Intelligence Agency as a collector, analyst, and chief of the DIA's Global Situation Center. He spent decades on the border as a DEA Special Agent, eventually being targeted by the deep state, then turned whistleblower, exposing the DEA's deal with the Sinaloa cartel in Fast and Furious. After being censored by Fox, radio and You Tube, his Prather Point podcast was viewed over a million times in 2021. His briefs are viewed globally. He has guested with all liberty luminaries, and is a sought after current affairs speaker in the truth movement. A product of rape, adopted orphan, husband and father, he is martial arts master, nationally recognized firearms instructor, author, and chaplain.